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About Don Meadows

Don Meadows is from Indianapolis, Indiana. Always interested in art; Don was a mechanic early in his career and did a lot of welding and fabrication which gave him a solid sense of 3D.  In 2000 Don began to experiment with glass to add to whacky lamps and glass quickly became his medium of choice. His work includes functional pieces such as jewelry, goblets, and platters, as well as purely artistic and figurative work. He enjoys making marbles and beads and was fortunate to have a bead go into space on the last Space Shuttle Endeavor flight in 2011.  Comfortable on the torch Don crosses over glass disciplines by combining lyrical shapes from nature that are made in the torch with fused glass pieces.

To help Don with the highly technical side of glass making and to find his own glass voice, he has studied with dozens of talented glass artists from around the world such as: Robert Michelson, Emilo Santini, Loren Stump, Patti Walton, Steve Sizelove, Mag Mangyang, Leah Fairbanks, Margo Knight and many others.  Don belongs to the Glass Art Society, GAS, and the International Society of Glass Beads ISGB.

Don has a BA from DePaul University in Chicago and runs an Atlanta based software development company in his spare time.

Don is married with 2 adult children; an artist and a musician.  Don likes to throw the ball for Cocoa (a chocolate lab), and does whatever Rosie the cat tells him to.