New Player's Guide

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New Player's Guide

Post by HTR High Command » Sat May 30, 2020 2:24 pm

Welcome to Shadows Unlimited
We hope to build this site as a vibrant community for Shadowrun Play by Post games. But that takes dedicated GMs and players. We hope you're up to the task!

First and foremost, you must contact the Game Master of the game you wish to join. The reason is simple. These rules are generally used for all 5th Edition Shadowrun games on the site, but each GM is allowed and encouraged to modify them slightly for their own games. So while you can absolutely use these guidelines and the core books (see below) to create your character, each GM may have additional books and rules for you to utilize. If a GM uses a different version of the rules, their Table Rules post should specify that.

We encourage the use of character creation tools like Chummer and Hero Lab for Shadowrun 5th Edition. Hero Lab has the added benefit of a BB Code output, but you're going to have to transfer details to the site's character sheet template. Chummer has the added benefit of not costing anything, but everything will have to be added to your sheet by hand.

Character Creation
Creating a character for Shadows Unlimited requires the Shadowrun 5th Edition core book. Books such as Run Faster, Run & Gun, Rigger 5.0, Street Grimoire, Flesh and Chrome, and Data Trails can only increase your options, but given that adding books also adds complexity, you are advised to focus on your proposed speciality. All of these products are available in physical copy and as digital downloads. Some games may utilize older editions of the game. As of yet no GMs are running 6th Edition. If that changes, we will update this page.

Shadowrun 5th Edition on Drive Thru RPG

Do your research! Go through Shadows Unlimited and find out if this site is right for you.
Feel free to contact players and GMs with your questions. It's very likely someone has asked before, and the information is readily available to the asker. The only stupid questions are those that would have been easily answered if asked.
You have four weeks from the date you registered to complete the Character Creation process.
After four weeks, you will get a warning. After another week, your account will be deleted.

Clear and effective communication is key to a healthy community.
If you don't already have Google Hangouts (available as an App for Apple or Android or as an add on to Google Chrome Browser) or Discord (Available as an App for Apple or Android, Web interface, or a downloaded program to your computer).
Players who are not active chat participants tend not to know their fellow players well, and tend to "flake out" as they are not invested in the community.

SU Discord Text Chat Voice Chat is in the same area, when used.

We have other text and voice channels for specific purposes as well. Ask the community about them if interested.
Instant Messenger services are useful tools for the character creation process as the person reviewing your character will want to contact you frequently.
The only alternative is to communicate through Private Messages which can be very time consuming and result in lengthy delays.

Create a Player Account
All players should create a main user account. This should be something identifiable. Your name, or a common internet name you use (such as Lloyd uses Augur). Please no nonsensical account names - other people (specifically your GM) have to spell it too. This name will be where you will receive site wide communications from and will be the account you link your other accounts to. It will also be the account that EP is awarded to. Once you create your character, you can link it to your main account. Those instructions are here. The Master Player account is NOT your character's account. Yes, you will need to create two accounts, but you can start with just your Master Player account and we can create the character account after character creation is done and you have decided on a Street Name.
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Character Creation Steps

Post by HTR High Command » Sat May 30, 2020 2:25 pm

Character Creation Steps

Step One: Concept
Once you have an idea, have a look at the Character Creation forum. To get started, just use your Player Account and hop into the Character Creation forums, where existing players and GMs will be happy to help. Also, if you have any questions you can join us on Google Hangouts or Discord, there's usually someone there who is happy to help.

Step Two: Creation
Creation follows the standard rules found in the Shadowrun 5th Edition core book (or other Shadowrun Core Books if desired by the specific GM. ie 2nd, 3rd, or 4th edition). Certain GMs will add other options (Karma Generation, Sum 10, Life Modules). Copy and paste the “Character Sheet Template” into a new post in the “Recruitment” forum. Build your character, write your background, and have fun.The Advancement Tracker shows your advances as your character gains Karma. Background and equipment templates should be done as a reply to your original post. Thus a finished character has four parts: Your Character Sheet, Cyberware/Magic, Gear, Background, and Advancements. Have a look at many of the characters on site for examples.

To aid you in your character build, we suggest either Chummer or Hero Lab Classic. Hero Lab is robust and, because it is an official licensed product, works very well. It is also very expensive, especially as you add books. Chummer is also fairly robust, but it utilizes a lot of call outs to books for descriptions and rules text. But it is free and still very powerful. Here is a tutorial on using Chummer.

Many GMs have established contacts you can take (common fixers, street docs, talismongers, etc) that will help get you integrated into the action of the game. Check with them. Also look into their Table rules and GM styles to make sure they are the right GM for you. These are not aberrations, but rather an attempt to best focus the game on their play style. The more invested you get in the game they are running, the more you’re going to enjoy the game. Have fun!
  1. Regarding Licenses: Rather than licensing each individual restricted item, players should instead get common sense licenses. Some examples include:
    Driver’s License, Concealed Carry Permit, Security Contractor’s License (useful for armor and non-weapon gear), Cross Border Delivery License, Drone Operator’s License (to be legally allowed to operate commercial drones), Security Drone Operator’s License (the Restricted Upgrade), Aircraft Pilot’s License (including LAV pilots), [Other Profession] License (such as religious figure, doctor, lawyer, paramedic (such as Doc Wagon), etc), Awakened Being Registry, Magical Security License (common for those wishing to have a cover as a security mage), and many more.
Step Three: Approval
All Characters will receive help from other players and GMs alike to make sure they fit the creation rules used for the game involved. However, in the end, it is up to the GM in question to give the final yay or nay on your character. It is suggested you start the conversation early with them. Their buy-in on your concept is as important as your buy-in to their game.

Step Four: Create the Character Account, Upload an Avatar, and create a signature
Once your character has been created, create a new account for the character. All accounts must be registered with your character's name: Street Name (preferred) or Primary Real Name (Fake or Real SIN). Your account name should be the same as that which your character will use in conversation with the other players on-site. After you register your account, you should receive an e-mail by which you will activate the account. Feel free to be creative with your name, but understand other people have to type it for mentions and PMs. Try to be mindful of that. If you end up needing to change your user name to match your character (or simplify it for the ease of others) you can do that in your User Control Panel.

Also upload an avatar (200 pixels by 200 pixels). The portraits from the Shadowrun computer games are excellent candidates for this. You may need to save them, open them in Paint (or the image editing software of your choice) and resize them, but that is a fairly simple operation. There are also sites online that will do it for you as well.
Your avatar must represent what your character looks like; no abstractions.
If you need help with finding an appropriate avatar, feel free to seek help from others.

Next, include a signature. You can find this under the User Control Panel, or follow this link.
  1. Your character's signature should include a link to your character sheet and any other information your GM wants.
    Your Master Player Account Signature should include a list of your characters (ideally with links to them) and your games (if you are a GM).
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Re: New Player's Guide

Post by Muppet Man » Sat Dec 26, 2020 12:32 pm

Things in signature (maybe?):
Perception: XX Armor: XX Dodge: XX Composure: XX Judge Intentions: XX Surprise: XX
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