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Under the Table Rules

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Here will be some specific house rules for this game. Keep watching for a minute please!

Add your Perception pool to your signature, do not roll Perception each post. If you are defaulting for Perception, note that in the signature. Active Perception tests will be handled normally.

Resolving Actions

Timing & Turn Order
Roll for initiative at the beginning of combat only. Initiative order can be modified by edge or other effects as normal, but only last for specified duration.

Walk and Run movement types work as written. Sprinting does not require a roll but is based on bought success based off the dice pool or a fractional dice pool to determine Sprinting bonus meters. If you really need the extra distance, an edge may be spent to roll instead.


5e Wiki: http://adragon202.no-ip.org/Shadowrun/i ... /Main_Page
Fandom Wiki: https://shadowrun.fandom.com/wiki/Sirrurg
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