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Hi! I'm Muppet Man!

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In this topic you will find a collection thoughts, suggestions, expectations, and requests.

I am not a rules monkey, my approach is to keep things as simple as possible. Recognizing that Shadowrun is SUPER crunchy, I will find the balance as we get rolling. I appreciate feedback, suggestions, and questions. I really do.
“When in doubt,” [Raymond] Chandler once advised..., “have a man come through a door with a gun in his hand.”
I love this quote. It applies to Players as well as the GM. The way I interpret this is that when anything flags or slows, throw in conflict or action. For a Player, this means the same thing, if you're stuck DO SOMETHING, DO ANYTHING.

My only (I hope) jerky request:
If you want to invoke (or complain about) a rule in your post, figure it out and include the rules in your post. Don't make me look through 17 books for your obscure request. But worst of all, I think I'm hilarious!! Suggestions
  • Post formatting:
    • Dialog: bold
    • Internal thoughts: italics
    • Comms: color+bold, use @target color+bold, pick a color for each character you're talking to...we'll hash this out...the Eclipse Phase game has a good example of multiple comms channels going on
    • Magic/telepathy/etc.: color+italics pick a color for each character if multiple things are going on
    • Character posts should be PRESENT tense, they are intentions. GM posts will be past tense, these events have happened.
For me...
  • Once a week minimum adventure forum post for the current active adventure (currently...)
  • Post weekly updates on regular day (currently Tuesday)
  • Active daily on Discord
  • Answers to adventure related questions via Discord for simple clarifications, answers that result in house rules will be posted on the forum
For you...
  • Once a week minimum adventure forum post for the current active adventure (currently...)
  • Ask adventure or rules related questions on Discord
No one: “I feel like I’ve been here before...”

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