Archetype: Ork Urban Primitive

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Archetype: Ork Urban Primitive

Post by HTR High Command » Thu Apr 09, 2020 2:26 pm

Ork Urban Primitive
Body 7, Agility 6/7, Reaction 5, Strength 7/8, Willpower 3, Logic 2, Intuition 5, Charisma 2, Essence 4.8, Edge 2
Movement: Land Movement: 14m/28m/+2 . . . . . . Swimming: 8m/+1
Attribute-Only Tests
  1. Composure (5 dice) . . . . . . . Judge Intentions (7 dice) . . . . . . . Lifting & Carrying (15 dice) . . . . . . . Memory (5 dice)
Condition Monitor: Physical: 12/12; Stun: 10/10 (Every 3 boxes is a Condition results in a -1 to all die pools).
Defense Tests and Resistances
  1. (21 dice ) Armor 14 . . . . . . . (25 dice ) Acid Protection 18 . . . . . . . (25 dice ) Electricity Protection 18
    (21 dice ) Cold Protection 14 . . . . . . . (21 dice ) Fire Protection 14 . . . . . . . (21 dice ) Falling Protection 14
    (10 dice) Fatigue Resistance . . . . . . . (10 dice) Resist Physical Addiction . . . . . . . (5 dice) Resist Psychological Addiction
    Vector . . . . . . Toxin . . . Disease
    Contact (4 / 4) . 14 . . . . .14
    Ingestion . . . . . 14 . . . . .14
    Inhalation . . . . .Imm (gas mask)
    Injection . . . . . 14 . . . . .14
Limits: Physical 10, Mental 4, Social 4
Physical Initiative: 10/11+2D6
Active Skills: Archery 6 (Agi; 13 dice [Acc]), Computer 2 (Log; 4 dice [4]), Etiquette (Street +2) 3 (Cha; 5/7 dice [4]), First Aid 2 (Log+Rtg 5 Kit; 9 dice [9]), Gymnastics 5 (Agi; 12 dice [10]), Perception 5 (Int; 10 dice [4]), Pilot Ground Craft 5 (Rea; 10 dice [Han]), Pistols 1 (Agi; 8 dice [Acc]), Unarmed Combat 6 (Agi; 13 dice [Acc])
Outdoors Group 2
  1. Navigation (Int; 7 dice [4])
    Survival (Wil; 5 dice [10])
    Tracking (Int; 7 dice [4])
Stealth Group 3
  1. Disguise (Int; 8 dice [4])
    Palming (Agi; 10 dice [10])
    Sneaking (Agi; 10 dice [10])
Knowledge Skills: Paranormal Critters (Urban +2) 1 (Logic; 3/5 dice [4]), Police Procedures 3 (Int; 8 dice [4]), Sprawl Life 3 (Int; 8 dice [4]), Trog Rock Music 1 (Int; 6 dice [4]), Urban Brawl 2 (Int; 7 dice [4])
Languages: English N, Korean 3 (Int; 8 dice [4]), Or'Zet 4 (Int; 9 dice [4])
Metatype Abilities: Enhanced Senses: Low-Light Vision
  1. Acrobatic Defender
    Duck, dive, twist, and twirl, just put on a good enough floor show to keep whatever is coming your way from landing on your face. This quality allows the character to use their Gymnastics skill in place of their Willpower while using Full Defense. Including this skill in the Defense Test means that their Physical Limit also applies.
    Combat Junkie (7 dice pool (4))
    The character just can't keep from starting fights. His first solution is always fight, and so is his second, third, and fourth. If someone suggests more options than that to the character, they've probably been punched already. The point is, no matter what the actual plan is, this character will always look for a chance to get a little combat on.
    This quality manifests in two different ways. If the character is in a stressful situation, they must make a Composure (4) Test in order to restrain themselves from just punching their way out of the situation. If they are following a plan and an unexpected event occurs, their first reaction will be to opt for violence unless they succeed in an Intuition + Logic (4) Test and remember to stop and think about whether there might be a better option. The character is always free to not make a test and just give into their violent instincts - and deal with whatever consequences follow.
    Lightning Reflexes
    Some people are just born fast. This quality provides an unaugmented character the ability to react with astonishing speed. The character gains +1 to their Initiative rating and a bonus initiative die. This quality is not cumulative with any other Initiative enhancement, be it technological, chemical, or magical. They also receive a +1 dice pool modifier for all Defense Tests.
    SINner (Criminal SIN)
    UCAS (Seattle)]The character has a Criminal SIN (either Corporate or National); his Criminal SIN replaces any previous SIN. At some point in his life, the character was arrested and served time for a felony-level offense and was branded a criminal for the rest of his life. He is legally required to broadcast his Criminal SIN at all times; failure to do so is a felony and can lead to re-incarceration. He is shunned by law-abiding society. Law-abiding citizens will, if they must, deal with a SINless character before they'd have any interaction with a known criminal. With his Criminal SIN, the character will experience prejudiced views, suspicion, and/or open hostility from most people with SINs. He will often be denied entry to certain locations (high-end stores, car dealerships, museums, galleries, etc.) and will have difficulty finding legal employment. He can expect to be brought in and held up to 48 hours for questioning anytime a crime is committed in his area. The judicial system in 2075 is more an assembly line than institution of justice. Suspects are treated as guilty unless proven innocent, plausible circumstantial evidence is often sufficient for conviction, and sentencing has more to do with the judge's mood than the crime. In this environment it's likely the cops will be more interested in closing the case than solving any crime; they may try to pin crimes on the character with the Criminal SIN whether or not she had anything to do with it. Some degree of "adjusting" facts and "interpreting" witness accounts to support allegations is common; fabricating evidence, if only to meet conviction productivity goals, is not rare. Magic users tend to receive much harsher treatment from the judicial system than mundane criminals. If the character is a magic user with a Criminal SIN, he is registered with local law enforcement. He can expect regular - but usually not scheduled - checks to confirm he lives and to ensure he is not using forbidden spell formula, foci, or other magical gear. The nation or corporation that issued the Criminal SIN will keep close tabs on the character, if he fails to update residential information or appears in any way to
    be trying to evade their oversight, he is subject to arrest. He is also required to pay a fifteen percent tax on his gross income to the entity that issued his Criminal SIN.
    This quality increases Notoriety by 1 (p. 372).
    An Uneducated character is not mentally impaired - she just never had the opportunity to learn. Whether because she and her family were isolated squatters, or were SINless, or otherwise underprivileged, she was denied access to the education system. She has only a rudimentary knowledge of reading, writing, and arithmetic.
    Characters with the Uneducated quality are considered "unaware" in Technical, Academic Knowledge, and Professional Knowledge skills they do not possess (see Skill Ratings , p. 129), and they may not default on skill tests for those skills. The gamemaster may also require the character to make Success Tests for ordinary tasks that the typical sprawl-dweller takes for granted. Additionally, the Karma cost for learning new skills, skill groups or specializations (or for improving existing ones) in these categories is doubled compared to the normal cost (including at character creation), and it’s possible the character will never learn some skill groups belonging to these categories.
    This quality increases Notoriety by 1 (p. 372).
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Augmentation and Gear

Post by HTR High Command » Thu Apr 09, 2020 2:27 pm

. . Damper
. . Muscle Replacement (1)
. . Sound Link

. . Hardliner Gloves [Unarmed, Acc 10, DV 9P, AP –]
. . Bow (Compound) (rtg 8) [Bow, Acc 7, see below, AP -2] w/ (60x) Arrow, Str Min 8, (30x) Explosive Arrow (rtg 8), (30x) Hammerhead Arrow (rtg 8), Personalized Grip
. . . Quickdraw Quiver: Hardshell, protective quiver securely holds 20 shafts and allows the archer to wirelessly choose between stored arrows
. . . . 5/5 Rtg 8 Explosive Arrows (12P AP -3)
. . . . 10/10 Rtg 8 Regular Arrow (10P, AP-2)
. . . . 5/5 Rtg 8 Hammerhead Arrows (11S)

On Person
. . Armor Jacket Armor 12 w/ Chemical Protection (4), Electrochromic Modification, Nonconductivity (4)
. . Backpack
. . Contacts (3) w/ Flare Compensation, Image Link, Thermal Vision
. . Full-Suit Body Armor Armor: 8 w/ -6 modifier for concealability, Custom Fit, and AR Gloves
. . Matrix Systems GridGopher Device Rtg: 3 (Wireless Active; Registered to Fake SIN)
. . Micro-Tranceiver
. . Hardliner Gloves
. . Certified Credstick, Gold

In Backpack
. . Ballistic Mask (Customized) Armor +2 w/ Gas Mask (immune to inhaled-vector toxin attacks), Smartlink
. . Binoculars (2) w/ Vision Magnification, Electronic
. . Meta-Link Device Rtg: 1 (Wireless Off; Registered to Real SIN)
. . Medkit (5)
. . Tool Kit, Disguise

In Vehicle
. . Bow (Compound) (rtg 8)
. . Quickdraw Quiver
. . 25 Regular arrows (extra)

At Home
. . 25 Explosive Arrows, 25 Hammerhead Arrows, 25 Regular Arrows

. . Thundercloud Morgan
Handling 3, Handling (Off-Road) 5, Speed 4, Acceleration 3, Body 14, Seating 2,
Pilot 1, Sensor 0, Device Rating 1, Data Processing 1, Firewall 1, Limits: Mental 2, Physical Initiative: 2+4D6
Condition Monitor: 19
Armor: 6H (20 dice; if DV + AP does not exceed Armor rtg, it does no damage; gain +3 automatic hits on soak)
. . . . Gear:
. . . . . . Amenities, Middle
. . . . . . Manual Control Override
. . . . . . Morphing license plate
. . . . . . Off-Road Suspension
. . . . . . Pilot Enhancement (1)
. . . . . . Run Flat Tires
. . . . . . Spoof chip
. . . . . . Vehicle Tag Eraser
. . . . . . Weapon Mount, Standard (Fixed, External, Manual)
. . . . . . Winch, Basic
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Post by HTR High Command » Thu Apr 09, 2020 2:27 pm

. . Criminal SIN: [birth name], Former Ganger w/ License: Driver's, (1 month) Street Lifestyle
. . Daniel Stalking Owl, Salish Urban Primitive w/ Fake License: Augmentation (4), Fake License: Driver's (4), Fake SIN (4), (1 month; 1155¥) (Low) One bedroom with Garage, you sleep in the garage (in your truck), low lifestyle with large garage and shared with one other person.

Mozzie (Connection 3, Loyalty 3)

Current ¥: 900¥
Certified Credstick, Gold:
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Background & Tactics

Post by HTR High Command » Thu Apr 09, 2020 2:28 pm

You grew up on the streets, surviving first as a member of a gang. You went to jail for the gang and decided you'd had enough. When you got out, you disappeared into the Cascades for a while, learned the outdoors and how to hunt. Growing up you'd always solved things with your fists, but in the wild you learned the value of subtlety and stealth. You became a good archer and decent at surviving. Then you started helping with smuggling and doing minor shadowruns. Earned yourself some cash.

And then you moved into the city. You and a buddy from the Cascade Orks found a one bedroom with a garage underneath. He took the bedroom, you slept in your truck. The garage is heated, and you share the bathroom and kitchen, so it's not all bad. You still haven't picked up a gun since you got back, and you're not really sure you want to. The only gun you ever used was a Street Sweeper, and you're MUCH better with your bow and you can still beat people's heads in with your hardliner gloves.

The folks back in the Cascades put you in touch with a local fixer who's a friend of the faction and he has proven to have your back as well. You can't stay idle though. You almost beat a guy to death at the Stuffer Shack last week from the pressure of not being in the drek. You need some action!


Tactics: You are a front line fighter with the armor to back it up. You’re also quite adept at infiltration, disguise, and physical recon. You have a disguise kit and the ability to use it. This works well for both runs and recon. You're fair at tracking and surviving. Thanks to your med kit, you're quite adept at treating basic injuries. Your Micro-Transceiver will allow you to talk with others within 1 km. Your contacts have flare xompensation which mitigate penalties for glare and protects you from blinding flashes of light and the implanted damper gives you +2 vs sonic attacks, including flash bangs.

You are naturally fast and unless a mage can do better than +1 and +1d6 Initiative, then you're better off leaving things as is. Similarly be careful of Wired Reflexes or Boosted Synapses.

When you use full defense, instead of rolling Willpower, you roll gymnastics. Otherwise, you should focus on your strengths in combat - either unarmed combat or using your bow. Your bow is NOT illegal or restricted. But try not to get caught with your explosive arrows. They are Forbidden, but are good for taking armored targets. Your Hammerhead arrows are for bringing folks in alive. Your bow hits with the power of a rifle, so don't feel limited by it. Upgrade your truck with at least a basic sensor system and get a better firewall for it - ask a Decker or Rigger.

Customizing The Archetype: Replacing the Criminal SIN with another 10 point Negative Quality is an option. Tough and Targeted from Hard Targets is an option, as is any other Negative Quality.
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