Chapter One: Redundant Code

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Chapter One: Redundant Code

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Soundtrack wrote:You'll be dead when your war is won//Tommy gun//But did you have to gun down everyone?//I can see it's kill or be killed//A nation of destiny has got to be fulfilled//Whatever you want, you're gonna get it!
TIME STAMP wrote: //Location:Tacoma/Seattle Metroplex/UCAS
//Time: <2150:00/2075-01-14> Combat round OVER
//Weather: <Light Fog, 6.3C, Wind W 3kph, feels like 6C>
//Air Quality: <Moderate (Yellow), Precipitation pH 2.8>
Bar Neleus is crowded. Suspiciously crowded, maybe, if one tended towards paranoia. It was also small.

From the front door almost the entire interior was visible, at least the front of house areas. The back of house areas - stockroom, kitchen, offices, bathrooms, etc, - were not visible, but the plans were available on the Matrix.

The setup here is to meet with a Johnson named Erika Hoffner. She has a public enough profile, with one detractor putting it succinctly:
Online Detractor wrote:Erika Hoffner has been working for the UCAS government since before she could walk. A baby model for the Bright New Future program back in the ’40s, her politician parents groomed her for political success from birth. She’s tall, with a powerful presence and friendly smile that puts everyone she meets at ease, but behind her gentle eyes is a whip-quick mind reading the room for any exploit.
She sits at a table at the back of the room. Hoffner has dark shoulder-length hair, worn straight, a slim build, and narrow facial features. At the table with her is a
He is 1.8m tall, slim build, asian looking with short, professional dark hair, attractive enough but not so much to stand out or be super memorable. He is wearing a tailored black suit of a modern, but not overly trendy cut.
who should look out of place, but seems completely at home. A quick thermal read, or PAN intrusion will reveal him to have no obvious cyberware or modifications. Similarly, a quick astral read shows he has no magical powers.

That can not be said for the
She is 2m tall, fit looking, not hulking. Her hair is a pulled up in a thick wrap of green dreadlocks, sides of her head shaved with intricate mystical looking tattoos visible beneath the stubble. She has a no nonsense don't mess with me outfit on, not at all chic like the elf. While she does have a visible firearm, it's clearly even without an astral check a backup. Her expression is all business, but not like a corp exec looking tough, more like a mom worried her kids are about to make a huge life mistake, but letting them do it anyway.
sitting at the table closest to them. She is a mage, without a doubt. An astute observer might notice a range of talismans representing different aspects of duality and dialectic concepts. Prominently, fire and ice. She is wary and is not astral projecting currently.

Obvious from their expensive (though not stylish) gear, the
he is hulking at 2.4m and heavy enough he leaves footprints in the concrete. He is dressed in typical "street tough" fashion: black leather vest several belts with obvious weapons, jeans worn black with grime, etc. There is a troll size lined coat (or maybe a tent) hung over a chair by the pool table. His dermal deposits are obvious protrusions, some poke through as spikes. He has an obvious cyberarm replacing his left arm. He looks like his life has been hard, and his expression is "don't fuck with me, but I might still fuck with you".
she is in all ways opposite the troll. She stands at 1.1m, she is dressed functionally, and her coat is tossed over a different chair by the pool table. She has a tufty mohawk and a series of purple tatts that stand out bright against her dark skin. She is also smiling, ribbing the troll over a bad shot. Her demeanor is cheerful, her face full of life.
playing pool are clearly part of the entourage as well. The troll radiates street sam, and he's 'wared up enough to back it up. The dwarf is also full of cyberware, but subtle clues peg her for a rigger of some sort.

she is sulking. She is human, about 1.6m tall, slim in a not fit kind of way, She has long brown hair and broad features covered in either massive face tattoos or face paint, covering her face from the eyes down with equal red and blue bands, separated by a thin white line. She is dressed like a poor teenager that grew up without realizing there were clothes beyond hoodies.
of Hoffman's security is in the far corner, leaning back in her chair. Her attention seems to be focused on an antique hand held game. She has no obvious cyberware or no obvious magical talents.

On the opposite side of the bar the normal patrons seem to be watching Hoffner's group with contempt, but no anger or hostility. Bar Neleus is at a crossroads, multiple territories come close, but do not cross over. Elves, dwarves, orks, trolls and the occasional human are welcome and by general unspoken agreement they behave themselves in here. So for now, the feeling in the small bar is wry amusement.

Plus, Hoffman is running a tab for all the patrons, and that goes a long way to keeping the peace.

Whatever way - tactical, casual, dramatic, or any combination - the team enters, Hoffner's team will remain calm and allow them to approach. When they are near the pool tables, the trim elf stands.

"Welcome, there are few chairs here, feel free to fetch more and sit, or acquaint yourself with our small party around the room."

The table will sit four people total, a few more could be squeezed in as a second row. There is plenty of room to sit and extra chairs around for everyone, just not at Hoffman's table.

When everyone is settled, Hoffner will speak directly to the two 'runners sitting directly at her table. She nods to everyone, "Thank you for meeting me. First, I want to clear the air, the run at the warehouses was a test, an audition, yes. But it was not a competition. The elf team had nothing to do with me. I already have resources involved in finding out more about them. As an act of good faith, I will transfer another 4,000 nuyen to your account."

She looks over to the elf. He takes over the conversation. "I'm Yu, very happy to have you all here tonight." He smiles, taking a moment to read the room. "I'm sure you've done your homework, you know who Ms Hoffner is. I will tell you briefly why you are here talking with us. Plainly, we need independent resources not connected with established power networks, or should I say, not beholden to, those networks. In the parlance of the marketing world, you might say we need some fresh faces, fresh perspectives."

Yu seems to think that's enough, or at least pretend to. Hoffner adds, "We are looking for a long term contract, that's what Yu is saying.


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Re: Chapter One: Redundant Code

Post by Bushwack »

A big frame and a history of relative poverty makes that Bushwack is never too embarrassed or too professional when Johnsons and fixers open their wallets with free drinks and or food to seduce a team of runners with offers that are too good to be true... He takes his chummers orders and moves to the bar, repeats their requests and asks for a double White Russian for himself.

He walks back to distribute the drinks without a plate, trusting his thick bony fingers of the left hand and the trusted cyber on the other to hold and transport without spilling.

When he passes by the Ork and Troll playing pool on his way back and Hoffman makes the comment about the elf team, he grins to the Ork and Troll "Rigger please, the only way it could have ever been a competition was if it was knitting context and even then there is no way they would have finished a pair of socks before I ended them..." only loud enough for the goblinoid pool players to hear him.

He then distributes the drinks to his friends and slinks back on a bench somewhere preferring something big and cosy while nursing his White Russian in good spirits.

Baron Munchkinhausen#4543 on Discord

Street Cred: 0
Notoriety: 1
Edge: 4/4
Surprise: 14 Composure: 6 Judge Intentions: 7 Memory: 7

Pos: Acr. Defender (use gymnastics on full defense), mentor spirit bear, natural athlete (+2 gymnastics), Catlike (+2 stealth)
Neg: In dept (2), no man left behind, incompetent firearms, poor self control (thrillseeker), combat junkie

Etiquette 6
Gymmastics 14
Perception 11 (14 visual: tetrachromatic vision bioware), (thermographic vision: Troll), (combat sense adept power:always get perception roll to not be surprised)
Pilot ground craft 10
sneaking 11 (13 urban)

English (N)
Russian: 8

Know skills
Seattle gangs: 9
Seattle Criminal Organisations: 8
Seattlle Ork Underground: 9

combat offensive
Initiative 13 (poor self control thrill seeker +1)=14+4d6
unarmed 9 dice -7S
Spur 16 dice ACC 9 +1 reach 16 DAM choose S/P with sweep) AP -2 (19 if weapon focus is activated as a simple action), (wireless activation of spur is a free action
Throwing shuriken 16 dice 9 ACC - 14 AP -1
Throwing shuriken with called shot pin 12 dice. same but pins target if armor penetrated

Combat Defensive
Ranged / Melee Defense 14 (Rea 8 + Int 5 + Combat Sense 1)
Full Defense 14 +11 (gymnastics 6, natural athlete 2, skeletal pneumasticisty 2, reflex recorder 1)=25

"Heavy" Damage Resitance: body 5, Troll Dermal 1, Bear Mentor Spirit 2, cyberarm armor 3, Big Game Hunter Coat + gel packs 16, bike racing helmet 2, PPP legs 1, PPP Arms 1, Skeletal pneumasticity -1= 30
"Uptown swag": body 5, Troll Dermal 1, Bear Mentor Spirit 2, cyberarm armor 3 Vashion Steampunk 10 synergist longocat 3 Skeletal pneumasticity -1= 23
"Blend" Damage Resitance: body 5, Troll Dermal 1, Bear Mentor Spirit 2, cyberarm armor 3, Armor jacket 12, bike racing helmet 2, Skeletal pneumasticity -1= 24

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Re: Chapter One: Redundant Code

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Walking in... this time without his coveralls and toolkit, Mulpa scopes out the place. Sticking with Tulpa to protect the Vory's investment in him, Mulpa listens to Yu's and Hoffner's sales pitch. Ordering a Vodka and Grapefruit Juice, and whatever looks the least likely to be soy out of the food available, Mulpa thinks on the offer.

Free drinks and food? Why not just go and offer us a steak dinner? Still, free food and drink is still free food and drink. These guys look pretty set up... I have to admit they look to have been running for a while and we do not appear in their league.
I wonder if they want us as subcontractors to do the grunt work below them, work as decoys as they get their work done, or to sets us up as a cat's paw to put all the blame for a big run they are about to pull. I think working for them may be a good idea, as long as we still have the option to refuse any mission they bring to us. A working relationship with such a group has benefits, as long as we are not too much obligated to them. Good thing we brought MacFear with us... his legal mind should help us get the best deal possible for whatever situation they have on offer.

"Interesting offer. Me and my associates will need to discuss this, but first we will need more information, such as if we can refuse these missions when offered, offered pay scales, and what types of work will you be looking to have done."
Street Cred: 0
Notoriety: -1

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  • Passive Perception 2, With Glasses, Visual Perception 3
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Armor: 11 (13 with Helmet)
Dodge: 13
Parry: 13
Composure: 9
Judge Intentions: 8

Ammunition: Shock Gloves 9/10
Predator: 9/15

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