Shadowrun: In Media Res

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Re: Shadowrun: In Media Res

Post by SARGE »

Sarge wills the mind controlled wanna-bee to carry his better off dead partner out to the Troll-sized pisser. When the shaman shows up, a hefty dose of duct tape secures the mage from twinkling fingers and what not. Sarge then cold cocks the mind controlled poser and finishes off the stuffer shack special by tieing up any other loose ends or limbs..

Cleaning his hands as he heads back in through the convience store, now properly aired out, he passes the thieves on the the floor with all their loot spilling out around them. "By the way," he says crouching down near them, "get a job and pay for things the civil way." He points to either end of the aisle, "Wouldn't want the Seattle PD to think it was you that caused all this trouble, now would we."

As he walks away, "At least if you aren't going to buy it, put it back on the shelf."
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Re: Shadowrun: In Media Res

Post by Wraith »

Location: Outside of the warehouse complex, Tacoma, Seattle Metroplex
Status: Mildly bruised (3 stun, -1CM)
Tulpa wrote:"The warehouse is on a closed system. I wont be able to connect to it remotely. I suggest we disable a camera and enter the warehouse physically. I might be able to access the Warehouses Host onsite. If not, we will complete the assignment without Matrix Overwatch.”
'Ah, damn. I guess I shouldn't be surprised though,' the foxelf sighs to herself before nodding once. "Acknowledged. Shooting out cameras is far from subtle, so if anyone has any ideas, speak up before I take a shot. There will still be the electrified barbed wire to deal with as-" Wraith speaks up, then breaks off abruptly as several sounds catch her attention. "I am hearing movement and animal-like noises coming from beyond the walls, they must have guard animals."

'Not used to this sort of target location, I should have anticipated animals,' Wraith chides herself, squeezing the grip of the right-hand heavy pistol. Bringing it up, the foxelf carefully sights on the camera at the south-western most corner of the wall - while not the closest camera to her, it is potentially a weak-spot in the surveillance; she keeps her focus on it for a ten-count - not just to make sure her aim is true, but to give the others a chance to come up with a better suggestion...

OOC Comments
Will use the Take Aim action 5 times, though I think only stacks two or three times? Mostly waiting to see if anyone will provide an alternative suggestion - if none comes, Wraith will take a single-shot on the targeted camera in my next post
Current Health Status: 3 Stun boxes (-1CM)
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Perception: 10 base (+2 to each Audio, Visual, Scent. Low-light, Thermal)

Edge: 2/2 Body: 3 Armor: 8 (9 with forearm guards)
Ranged Defense - (Passive) 9 (Full) 12
Melee Defense - (Passive) 9 (Block) 13 (Dodge) 14 (Parry) 13
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Re: Shadowrun: In Media Res

Post by Mulpa »

"I don't have a better idea for dealing with the cameras, but I am willing to be tossed over the fence by Bushwack... he is about the only one tall enough and strong enough to do a good job at it... as long as there are no Dwarf Tossing jokes. I can then either meet with the contact myself, or see how I can let the rest of you in the compound. Usually such security is more set up to keep people out than keep people in."
Street Cred: 0
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Parry: 13
Composure: 9
Judge Intentions: 8

Ammunition: Shock Gloves 9/10
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Re: Shadowrun: In Media Res

Post by Shrike »

"I'd say give me a moment to change into something more appropriate for sneaking in, but that little fracas has burned up our spare time to do that." Shrike reaches into his bag and withdraws an Ingram Smartgun, which he then slings over his shoulder

"Anybody got a car to safely dump the bag? he asks the assembled team. Provided he is provided somewhere to do so, he will store his bag.

He checks his weapons, before they move out

"Anybody using a gun, make sure you have a silencer. Those idiots caused enough noise. We don't want to attract the Azzies or the Star on us. If anybody has a quiet way of distracting the guard animals, get ready to use it." With that, he joins the effort to get passed the fence.

perception 6d6>4
Gymnastics 8d6>4
Sneaking 9d6>4