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Future Proof Maps & Information

Posted: Tue Jan 05, 2021 11:01 pm
by Muppet Man
Collection of Maps & Important Records
Up coming...

Re: Future Proof Maps

Posted: Tue Jan 05, 2021 11:10 pm
by Muppet Man

Re: Future Proof Maps

Posted: Tue Jan 05, 2021 11:10 pm
by Muppet Man
- Image Pyramid Warehouse
  1. (3) Guard shacks, unoccupied
  2. (3) Gates are solid steel, slide to the side rollers in tracks embedded in paving
  3. Perimeter walls are 4m high reinforced concrete [STR12/20], w/ 1m of electrified razor wire (10 stun damage), not labeled as electrified, but dead critter evidence around base. Scaling wall is [Athletics+Agility(4)].
  4. Cargo cranes are on automatic, self contained, no wireless or network connection, they must be accessed by RCC to function
  5. No ships currently at dock
  6. Cargo containers are locked and full of product [Extended physical Cracking+Logic (10, 1 combat round), DR8] or break the doors [ST10/12] test for container doors]
  7. (2) Warehouses + Office: locked [Extended Cracking+Logic (10, 1 combat round), DR5] or break the doors [ST6/8] for office doors, [ST8/12 for loading doors], corrugated steel walls [ST8/12], lights off (automatically turn on when anyone enters via IR sensor, except in target’s office, which is on). Manager offices lock w/ electronic locks [wireless Cracking+Logic(3) or broken ST(3) test]. All buildings are protected by a Mana Barrier [ST6/6]
    • Large & Small Warehouse: multiple drones controlled on local network via drone control room. No RCC is in the room, drones are on auto. Buildings have 10m high walls [ST10/12] w/ Quonset hut roof, the top meter is operable clerestory windows (remote controlled), shelves full of Stuffer Shack products!
    • Office: Building has 3m high walls [ST10/12] with a shed roof and no windows

Re: Future Proof Maps

Posted: Sun Apr 11, 2021 3:12 pm
by Muppet Man
Loot! from Elf Interlopers

Separate rolls required to ascertain legal status of each weapon.

Elf Full Mage:
Beretta 201T
2 magazines Light Pistol Ammo
Erika Elite Commlink
Fancy medallion thing on fancy silver-gold chain, it's very fancy. Did I mention how fancy it is?
Web harness w/ pouches
Helmet w/ Goggles

Elf Warrior-Mages (gear total for the two elves)
2x Browning Ultra-Power
4x Smoke Grenade
2x HK 227
4 x Mags APDS Heavy Pistol Ammo
8x Mags SMG Ammo
2x Cougar Fineblade (long)
2x Hermes Ikon Commlink
2x Pair Forearm Guards
2x Helmet w/ Goggles

Elf Samurai
Pair Forearm Guards
HK G12A4
4x Mags Assault Rifle (2x regular, 2x APDS)
Ruger Super Warhawk
4x Speed Loader (2x APDS, 1x Gel, 1x Explosive)
Savalette Guardian
4x Mags Heavy Pistol Ammo (3x APDS, 1x Gel)
2x Smoke Grenades
Cougar Fineblade (long)
Miniwelder and fuel canister
Restraints, Plasteel
Hermes Ikon

(Note, the pouches and webbing are integral to the Warrior-Mage and Samurai armor)