Chapter One: Live & Direct (Poll)

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What date/time for Discord Voice session?

Poll ended at Mon May 10, 2021 1:30 pmPlease note that results are sorted by decreasing number of votes received.

Sunday 5/9 Evening (6pm Pacific)
Friday 5/7 Evening (6pm Pacific earliest start)
Saturday 5/8 Afternoon (2pm Pacific)
Sunday 5/9 Afternoon (2pm Pacific)
Other (Please specify)
Saturday 5/8 Evening (7pm Pacific)
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Total votes: 6

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Muppet Man
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Chapter One: Live & Direct (Poll)

Post by Muppet Man »

Hey chummers!

Thoughts on live chat! Poll on dates! Pick top two or make a suggestion!

Note that this is a ONE TIME event, it is not a repeating session.

For reference use this link:
I used to use this all the time. My greatest multi time zone meeting was Seattle, New York, Mumbai, Paris, and somewhere in Canada called “Vancouver”. So I am confident we can do this!
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Re: Chapter One: Live & Direct (Poll)

Post by Mulpa »

I work rotating shiftwork so my availability changes week to week.

This weekend, I am available starting at 9am EDT on Saturday, and from 9am to 2pm EDT on Sunday. I am not available on Friday, but I am available on Monday to Wednesday during the evening, but may be distracted those evenings by my almost 10 yo daughter
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Re: Chapter One: Live & Direct (Poll)

Post by Bushwack »

Im GMT based, Portugal is same timezone as UK... 6PM pacific is starting at 1 AM... Like McClane said, getting to old for that shit...

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Neg: In dept (2), no man left behind, incompetent firearms, poor self control (thrillseeker), combat junkie

Etiquette 6
Gymmastics 14
Perception 11 (14 visual: tetrachromatic vision bioware), (thermographic vision: Troll), (combat sense adept power:always get perception roll to not be surprised)
Pilot ground craft 10
sneaking 11 (13 urban)

English (N)
Russian: 8

Know skills
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Seattle Criminal Organisations: 8
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Throwing shuriken with called shot pin 12 dice. same but pins target if armor penetrated

Combat Defensive
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Full Defense 14 +11 (gymnastics 6, natural athlete 2, skeletal pneumasticisty 2, reflex recorder 1)=25

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"Uptown swag": body 5, Troll Dermal 1, Bear Mentor Spirit 2, cyberarm armor 3 Vashion Steampunk 10 synergist longocat 3 Skeletal pneumasticity -1= 23
"Blend" Damage Resitance: body 5, Troll Dermal 1, Bear Mentor Spirit 2, cyberarm armor 3, Armor jacket 12, bike racing helmet 2, Skeletal pneumasticity -1= 24

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Re: Chapter One: Live & Direct (Poll)

Post by MacFear »

I’d prefer Sunday afternoon/night. (Central). Sometimes I go to my brothers for the weekend and I’m not very active online. I’m ok with pretty much any time/day after 3-4 central. I get off work at 2:30 but sometimes don’t make it home in a timely fashion.
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Re: Chapter One: Live & Direct (Poll)

Post by Wraith »

Technically I can go almost any day after maybe 2PM mountain (uh, I believe 8pm UTC/GMT) until maybe 4am (10am UTC/GMT), as I dont have a schedule, though early evening or late evening I tend to be most awake. Exception is wednesday and thursday nights between 9pm (3am) and 11pm (5am) as thats when D&D is - very awkward times and only two hour sessions but I take what I can get I guess
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Melee Defense - (Passive) 9 (Block) 13 (Dodge) 14 (Parry) 13
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Re: Chapter One: Live & Direct (Poll)

Post by Corrigon »

I am also GMT. Got my daughter this weekend, but post 4.30 on Sunday I should be available or 9pm Saturday

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Re: Chapter One: Live & Direct (Poll)

Post by Tulpa »

For future reference, the Sunday option works for me best. I am in GMT and my kids go down at 7. Saturday’s may work- I have obligations every other Saturday during that time
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