Downtime: I Am Annoyed About the Number 89

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Re: Downtime: I Am Annoyed About the Number 89

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"I am going through my unaffiliated Fixer and he will get me in contact with the right sort of person. I may just make to get him some specialty items for the favour...
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Ammunition: Shock Gloves 9/10
Predator: 9/15

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Re: Downtime: I Am Annoyed About the Number 89

Post by Shrike »

"Okay, everybody, meet up tomorrow. Stygge, arrange a time for your vehicle to collect us somewhere. Meet up, plan and our next moves." Shrikes suggests to everybody, before retrieving his pistol from Wraith.

Heading back to his apartment, he does a quick sweep before removing the armoured coat.

I really need to get myself a pet. Make this place more homey.

Checking his messages, he found one from his brother. He listened as his brother asked him to get in contact.

Sorry bro, not yet!

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