Chapter One: Most...Interesting Imposters in History

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Re: Chapter One: Most...Interesting Imposters in History

Post by Wraith »

Location: Puyallup, Seattle Metroplex
Condition: Ok
Broadcasted SIN: <hidden mode, teammates have authorization to see her>
GM wrote:From her position near the building, Wraith's senses are assaulted more than any of the other runners'. She's not inside, at least. It does not seem like the alarms are going of anywhere besides the office building. The rollicking and rolling trailers calm down, followed by a loud "CLANG", audible even above the other noise.
Fortunately, noise dampers kick in quite quickly, barely a second or two, but Wraiths fox-ears fold back against her head, distressed by even the brief blaring; the loud clang does cause her to jump slightly, startled. The young shadowrunner eyes the far trailer, then the fire escape. Holstering her sidearm, Wraith braces herself for a moment, then makes a dash for the fire escape, scrambling up it until she gets to an entrance point roughly level with the DIY entrance Bushwack created - if it's openable from the outside she'll duck inside, but if not she'll continue on towards the roof.

Out in the open like this during the day has her hackles up, but she's not about to abandon her teammates; Wraith can practically feel eyes on her (whether this is the case or not!) as she scrambles to find a way in, one of the few times in recent memory that she regrets her foxish attributes.

OOC Comments
More perception! Visual and olfactory only, leaving audio dampers on for the moment
Perception (Visual) 12 dice

Perception (Smelly) 12 dice
Current Health Status: 3 Stun boxes (-1CM)
Alyfox#0371 on Discord
Street Cred: 0 Notoriety: 1
Distinctive Style: fox ears, fox tail (both black furred)

Perception: 10 base (+2 to each Audio, Visual, Scent. Low-light, Thermal)

Edge: 2/2 Body: 3 Armor: 8 (9 with forearm guards)
Ranged Defense - (Passive) 9 (Full) 12
Melee Defense - (Passive) 9 (Block) 13 (Dodge) 14 (Parry) 13
Surprise: 9 Composure: 6 Judge Intentions: 7 Memory: 6
Languages Known: English (N), Japanese (N), Mandarin (6), Spanish (6)
Cheap Commlink DR: 1 Pulse Wave Commlink DR: 6
Wireless PAN is through the Pulse Wave
"Dark Blue Text" - Voice-comms
>>Green Text<< Text-based communication
< > Not English

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Re: Chapter One: Most...Interesting Imposters in History

Post by Muppet Man »

TIME STAMP wrote: //Location: Downtown Puyallup/Seattle Metroplex/UCAS
//Time: <1140:00/2075-01-18> Combat round OVER
//Weather: <Heavy Overcast, Light Snow, 1C, Wind N 8kph, feels like -6C>
//Air Quality: <Monthly Average: Moderate (Yellow), Precipitation pH 2.6>
Wraith moves quickly up the fire escape. It only takes a glance at the clerestory windows and the door at the first landing to identify that the points of ingress are locked, and probably alarmed. Continuing on the narrow metal stairs to the roof is quick business, and Wraith is light enough she does not cause too much noise.

At the top level of the catwalk she is still some three meters below the highest point of the butterfly roof. The catwalk extends to her left - towards the office building - and appears to turn ninety degrees to the right at the corner. Covering the distance in a second or two, Wraith sees that the catwalk is connected at the low point of the roof in the center.

From their, she cans see across the roof of the factory and is slightly higher than the office building. She can see over the office building's parapet and the garden like roof of the office building.

As Wraith disappears around the corner of the roof, Shrike and Styggee see bullet holes and some sort of giant blade puncture the side of the nearest trailer.

Truck Routes

Watching the major roads, Stygge notices a pilot car followed by a
, it appears to be following the same route to the factory.
Weather Game Effects
  • Triple travel time anywhere in the Sprawl, with minimum of 1 hour.
  • Getting anywhere requires a piloting/driving check Difficulty 2, if you're from Seattle or Portland, increase difficulty to 3
  • Motorcycles are worse: difficulty 5
  • Visibility: -1 (exterior); Dim Light (-3 visual)
Scone Factory Aerial View
Run Details
Phase 1:
  • Overview: Human Resources Acquisition: Willing Subject:
    • Legal Name: Charla Ann Dalrymple Media Handle: @CharlDarlBaby Occupation: Media Personality/Influencer
    • Description: Age: 19 Metavariant: Human Skin: Brown Hair: Bald Known Affiliations: Humanis Policlub
  • When: by 1/18/2075, delivery no later than 21:30.
  • Where: Fairground Scone Factory, Puyallup, extract and deliver to Paine Field, Hangar 17, Everett
  • Security: Site secured by mercenary guards, exact provider unknown. Thought to be a very veiled Ares team. Surveillance indicates between 12 and 16 mobile guards. One active Matrix cyberdeck has been noted emanating from the compound, our decker was brainfried in the exchange. Two magical active persons are on site periodically, never both at the same time. No indication of paranormal animals or warding.
  • Pay: 32,000¥ +6,000¥ total, with 6,000¥ upfront
  • Target: Information withheld until finalized contract agreement
Phase 2:
  • Overview: Resource Management/Logistics
  • When: 1/18/2075, 21:30
  • Where: Paine Field, Hangar 17, Everett to 3000 NE 4th St, Renton, WA 98056
  • Security: Unknown. If Phase 1 was executed quietly, opposition should be limited. Threat level will increase in relation to the amount of disruption caused during phase 1.
  • Pay: 18,000¥ + 4,000¥ total, with 4,000¥ upfront (paid at delivery of phase 1)
  • Target: (1) 1m x 1m x 2m container
  • Note: Delivery vehicle will be provided for Phase 2
  • Details:
    • Design:
    • Bakery: 4 stories tall, concrete first floor, metal siding upper floors, metal butterfly roof, significant HVAC and other roof penetrations
    • Warehouse: 3 stories stall, concrete walls, flat membrane roof with 2/3rd green roof (as in it's a garden), 2m parapet around roof
    • Office: 3 stories, flat membrane roof w/ 3/4 green roof, 1.5m parapet around roof
    • Parking lot: Asphalt paving, no planters, wheels stops at stalls adjacent to buildings only, 16 streetlights, each with a electric vehicle charging station
    • Landscaping: dirt or lava rock, xeriscape friendly plants around entrance to office. A large above ground concrete utility vault is connected to the office portion. A 1m deep, .5m wide trench follows the north side of the bakery. Covered walkways (metal roofing) connect the buildings
    • Ingress/Egress:
    • Bakery: 4 man doors at street level, 2 upper level door accessed by fire escapes/catwalks, catwalk connects to center portion of roof
    • Warehouse: 2 man doors at street level, 3 lading docks, 1 loading door at ground level, access to roof from interior stairway
    • Office: double entry door on ground floor, two emergency exits, access to roof from interior stairway
    • Fenestration:
    • Bakery: three small windows next to main entry door, clerestory windows on long side at about 30m above the finished grade of the parking lot
    • Warehouse: Main entry door has two sidelites and a transom window, remaining doors have transoms, three square windows at 1.5m above finish grade of the parking lot evenly spaced on each side of the building, six 1.5m x 3m skylights evenly spaced on roof
    • Office: Each floor has floor to ceiling glazing on all sides, glazing is "opaque", several portions of the windows system are operable egress windows
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Re: Chapter One: Most...Interesting Imposters in History

Post by Shrike »

Shrike keeps an eye on the four riggers and plots their routes in his head, looking for potential points to deal with them quietly. Whatever was going on with them wasn't exactly normal and removing them, though permanently seemed a good idea. As he is about to bring Stygge in on the plan, things get worse;
Muppet Man wrote:
Sun Oct 10, 2021 10:34 pm
As Wraith disappears around the corner of the roof, Shrike and Styggee see bullet holes and some sort of giant blade puncture the side of the nearest trailer.
Frak, Shrike swears to himself, activating his comlink, "We have gunfire and bladed weapons quite openly at the trailers. Be careful. If you spot the target, extract her as well."

He looks to see how the riggers are responding before putting his helmet on and picking up his Assault Rifle. There was nothing quiet about this mission, but with any luck, they would avoid notice due to the sheer chaos in the 'bakery'.
"Looks like everything is FUBAR so get ready to rock and roll.

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Re: Chapter One: Most...Interesting Imposters in History

Post by Bushwack »

"Silhouette, this will be the last thing I hope Im gonna ask you. Can you do a Sesame on these elevator doors leaving the elevator in the sub basement. Plan is for me to rappel down and then enter the elevator via the fire escape hatch and then simply open the elevators downstairs"

"Wraith you want to join me going downstairs, its our best lead to extract Mulpa?"

Baron Munchkinhausen#4543 on Discord

Street Cred: 0
Notoriety: 1
Edge: 4/4
Surprise: 14 Composure: 6 Judge Intentions: 7 Memory: 7

Pos: Acr. Defender (use gymnastics on full defense), mentor spirit bear, natural athlete (+2 gymnastics), Catlike (+2 stealth)
Neg: In dept (2), no man left behind, incompetent firearms, poor self control (thrillseeker), combat junkie

Etiquette 6
Gymmastics 14
Perception 11 (14 visual: tetrachromatic vision bioware), (thermographic vision: Troll), (combat sense adept power:always get perception roll to not be surprised)
Pilot ground craft 10
sneaking 11 (13 urban)

English (N)
Russian: 8

Know skills
Seattle gangs: 9
Seattle Criminal Organisations: 8
Seattlle Ork Underground: 9

combat offensive
Initiative 13 (poor self control thrill seeker +1)=14+4d6
unarmed 9 dice -7S
Spur 16 dice ACC 9 +1 reach 16 DAM choose S/P with sweep) AP -2 (19 if weapon focus is activated as a simple action), (wireless activation of spur is a free action
Throwing shuriken 16 dice 9 ACC - 14 AP -1
Throwing shuriken with called shot pin 12 dice. same but pins target if armor penetrated

Combat Defensive
Ranged / Melee Defense 14 (Rea 8 + Int 5 + Combat Sense 1)
Full Defense 14 +11 (gymnastics 6, natural athlete 2, skeletal pneumasticisty 2, reflex recorder 1)=25

"Heavy" Damage Resitance: body 5, Troll Dermal 1, Bear Mentor Spirit 2, cyberarm armor 3, Big Game Hunter Coat + gel packs 16, bike racing helmet 2, PPP legs 1, PPP Arms 1, Skeletal pneumasticity -1= 30
"Uptown swag": body 5, Troll Dermal 1, Bear Mentor Spirit 2, cyberarm armor 3 Vashion Steampunk 10 synergist longocat 3 Skeletal pneumasticity -1= 23
"Blend" Damage Resitance: body 5, Troll Dermal 1, Bear Mentor Spirit 2, cyberarm armor 3, Armor jacket 12, bike racing helmet 2, Skeletal pneumasticity -1= 24

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