Chapter One: Results Oriented Magic

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Re: Chapter One: Results Oriented Magic

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Pressing up against the inside (her side) to the right of the door, Wraith peers 'around the corner' to look into the adjacent room; switching between her three possible visions she studies it carefully, fox ears rotating to hopefully detect unseen movement. The lack of electronic connection has her concerned, given her preference for text or at worst subvocal communications while trying to be sneaky.

Observe in Detail #1
Visual Perception check 12d6

Audio Perception check 12d6

Course, Bushwhacks ... odd behavior as her frowning, tail-fur puffing out in a sign of agitation. "What the hell are you doing?" she growls in a low tone, having taken a moment to glance back in his direction; while Wraith wants to say more, she figuratively bites her tongue, shifting her attention back to the small room beyond. 'Looks like maybe holding cells, or perhaps examination rooms...' she thinks to herself. Nose twitching from the smoke and fox ears tilting back the young woman studies the room for perhaps another ten seconds.

Observe in Detail #2
Visual Perception check 12d6

Audio Perception check 12d6
If nothing is detected visually or audially, Wraith slips through the doorway into the smaller chamber, crossing over to the left side of the doorway, then peering into the adjacent 'cell', to try and get an impression of what it might be.

Description for Death Otter
The figure that comes through the door is relatively small, perhaps five and a half feet tall, and while having a bulky sort of outline moves smoothly, showing agility and grace. At least one firearm can be seen, a heavy pistol in their right hand. Also, the figure has what looks like a tail of some sort, covered in floofy black fur. The figure is clad in dark grey including gloves, the bulk caused by an overly large black jacket and combat boots. Part of their face is covered by a mask that hides everything below the eyes, including nose; this leaves their white hair visible, held back in a tight ponytail. I'm taking into account the smokiness of the room, but more might be visible depending on the resolution of the camera, whether it has low-light capabilities, etc. Also, Wraith would love some cameras that tiny!
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