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Mulpa - Dwarf Vory Debt Collector

Posted: Tue Dec 29, 2020 8:18 pm
by Mulpa
Eddie Kwilkoskie, the Dwarf who would eventually be called Mulpa, was raised by his grandmother. Initially his parents both worked as technicians for their neighbors and others in one of the... least run down area of Redmond. They did work for the Vory in exchange for protection. Unfortunately they were the casualties of an attack from a rival organization when there was a disagreement about territory and that left Eddie in the full time care of his grandmother.

Called "Mulpa" by his grandmother... Monkey in Polish... Eddie grew up on the streets. He worked as a runner for the Vory, getting together a group of friends who also worked for the Vory. He was a scrapper, able to hold his own with the orcs, and able to get respect even from trolls with his mental and physical toughness. After years running errands for the Vory, when they became adults, Eddie and his crew were brought into the Vory itself as full, if low level members.
He spent a couple years of running collections for the Vory, getting into places that wouldn't let their normal enforcers of trolls and orcs, Eddie was successful in... reminding people that they couldn't hide from the Vory if they owned them money.

One day when he was having a couple drinks, Eddie was approached by Paulina Tzikilas, an associate of his, about a possible way to get some extra nuyen. After asking permission from his Shestiorka, Eddie, soon to be known in the shadows as Mulpa, met up for his first run as a Shadowrunner.

Re: Mulpa - Dwarf Vory Debt Collector

Posted: Sun Jan 17, 2021 3:14 pm
by Mulpa
Mulpa - Vory Debt Collector


Body 8, Agility 4, Reaction 2, Strength 7, Willpower 6, Logic 3, Intuition 5, Charisma 3, Essence 5.82, Edge 2
  • Condition Monitor: Physical: 12/12; Stun: 11/11
    Movement: Land Movement: 8/16
    • Swim 5.5
    Attribute Only Tests:
    • Composure 9
      Judge Intentions 8
      Lifting & Carrying 15
      Memory 9
  • Physical 8
    Mental 6
    Social 6
Initiative: Physical: 7+1d6

  • Active
    • Con (Fast Talk +2) 6 - 9 (11) Dice
      Gymnastics (Tumbling +2) 6 - 10 (12) Dice
      Perception 6 - 11 Dice
      Pistols 6 - 10 Dice
      Unarmed Combat (Krav Maga +2) 6 - 10 Dice
      Disguise (Cosmetic +2) 4 - 9 (11) Dice
      Palming 4 - 8 Dice
      Sneaking 4 - 8 Dice
      Etiquette 3 - 6 Dice
      Impersonation 2 - 5 Dice
      Intimidation 2 - 5 Dice
      Electronics Group
      • Computer 1 - 4 Dice
        Hardware 1 - 4 Dice
        Software 1 - 4 Dice
    • Barrens Life 6 - 11 Dice
      Vory 6 - 11 Dice
      Russian 3 - 8 Dice
      Gangs 1 - 6 Dice
      Sports 1 - 6 Dice
  • Positive
    • Biocompatibility (Bioware) - CF 54
      Something about the character’s body is exceptionally accepting of either bioware or cyberware implants (choose one). Not only are the implants not rejected, but they seamlessly fit within the body, having less impact on its holistic integrity. In game terms, the Essence cost of implants of the particular chosen type are reduced by ten percent, rounded down to the tenth. This rebate is cumulative with the reduction offered by the chosen ’ware’s grade, if any (e.g., the reduction for alphaware of 0.8 is reduced by ten percent, or 0.08, to become 0.72, and is rounded down to 0.7). This quality can only be chosen for bioware or cyberware. This quality may only be taken once.
      Blandness - SR5 72
      This character blends into a crowd; he’s seldom noticed and easily forgotten. He is unremarkable in every aspect of physical appearance. Anyone attempting to describe the character cannot come up with anything more precise than “average height, average build, average hair, etc.” Increase the threshold for anyone to recall specific details about the character by 1. This means a Memory Test with a difficulty of Average (threshold of 2) becomes a Hard test (threshold of 3).
      Individuals attempting to shadow or physically locate a character with the Blandness quality in a populated setting receive a –2 dice pool modifier on all tests related to their search. The same penalty applies if they’re asking around about the person based on the individual’s physical appearance. The modifier does not, however, apply to magical or Matrix searches. If the character acquires any visible tattoos, scars, obvious cyberware, or other distinguishing features, the bonuses from the Blandness quality go away until the distinctive features are removed from the character’s appearance. In certain circumstances and specific situations, the gamemaster may determine that Blandness does not apply. For example, a troll with the Blandness quality still towers head and shoulders over a crowd of humans and so still stands out, no matter how average their horns may be. The character only regains his bonus by leaving the situation where he stands out.
      Made Man - RF 148
      As a minor member of an organized crime syndicate, the character can occasionally call on its resources. At the time of purchase, select a crime syndicate as a free Group Contact (see Group or Organization Contact Options, p. 176). As the character is an actual member of the syndicate, Loyalty is increased to 3 instead of starting at 1. This status also allows him to use the syndicate as a reliable fence for stolen goods (they get thirty percent of the items’ value) or as a source for stolen and restricted goods (ten percent price reduction and a +1 dice pool modifier for the Availability Test). Everything comes with a price, though. The character is expected to participate in syndicate work, taking at least twenty hours of his time every week in a standard campaign, and costing the character one out of every four weeks in Missions play.
      Resistance to Pathogens/Toxins - SR5 77
      A character with Resistance to Pathogens/Toxins can fight off diseases and drugs more easily than other characters and receives a +1 dice pool modifier to Resistance Tests. Dwarves receive the +1 modifier for resisting both.
      Thermographic Vision - SR5 66
      Visibility and Light conditions shift one row up
    • Creature of Comfort (Middle) - RF 153
      For the character with this quality, the rewards of a job well done are the finer things in life. Unfortunately, one can quickly get attached to the comforts one has acquired, making the fall seem ever so higher. At the 10 Karma level, the character is used to a Middle Lifestyle, at the 17 level a High, and 25, it’s Luxury all the way, baby. For every day that the character must spend “slumming” it in a lower Lifestyle category, the irritable character suffers a –1 penalty to all Social and Healing tests per Lifestyle category below his chosen level. For example, if the character takes this Quality at the High Lifestyle level and is forced to stay in a Squatter Lifestyle, he will suffer –3 to all Social and Healing tests. Life just isn’t worth living without Cognac.
      Prejudiced (Specific, Biased): Elves - SR5 82
      With this quality the character is Prejudiced against members of a specific group of people: metahumans, Awakened, non-metahuman sapient critters, or some other group. The character is not merely intolerant—he is outspoken about his beliefs and may actively work against the target of his prejudice. Depending upon the degree of prejudice, this quality can get the character into trouble for expressing his views or when forced to confront the targets of his prejudice. The Karma bonus granted by this quality varies depending upon how common the hated group is, how often the character is likely to encounter members of the group, and the degree to which the character is openly antagonistic toward them. Refer to the Prejudiced Table to determine the Karma value of the quality based on the prevalence of the hated group and the degree of prejudice.
      When dealing with the target of their prejudice, a character receives a –2 dice pool modifier per level of severity of the Prejudiced quality for all Social Tests. If negotiations are a part of the encounter, the target receives a +2 modifier per level of the Prejudiced quality. So if a character who is radical in their prejudiced views against the Awakened tries to negotiate with the target of their prejudice, they receive a –6 to their Negotiation Test while the target receives a +6 dice pool modifier.
      Tough and Targeted - CF 60
      The character is well-known as one of the biggest badasses on the streets. However, one way to make a name for yourself on the streets is to be known as the guy who killed the top dog. At least once a month or so, the character is randomly attacked by an up-and coming rival looking to make a name for himself.
      The Professional Rating of the guy who comes looking for him is equal to the character’s Street Cred. Should the character with this quality be defeated by his rival, assuming he lives (the rival will be satisfied so long at the character goes into overflow damage; death is not necessary), then this quality is removed without Karma expenditure, but the character’s Street Cred resets to 0 and he gains 1 point of Notoriety. Nobody likes a loser, chummer.

Re: Mulpa - Dwarf Vory Debt Collector - Cybernetics and Gear

Posted: Sun Jan 17, 2021 3:24 pm
by Mulpa
Armor Vest
  • Faraday Pocket; Gel Packs
  • Flare Compensation; Image Link; Low Light; Respirator Rating 6; Smartlink
Ares Predator V
Knife (Survival Kit)
Shock Gloves
Unarmed Attack

100 Ammo: APDS (Heavy Pistols) SR5 434
Backpack (Cheap) RF 254
Certified Credstick, Silver SR5 442
Climbing Gear SR5 448
Diving Gear SR5 448
  • Gas Mask
Earbuds 3SR5 445
Select Sound Filter rating 2, Sound Link;
Fake SIN (Peter Moroz) 3SR5 442
Flashlight, Infrared SR5 449
Flashlight, Low-light SR5 449
Glasses 4 SR5 443
  • Image Link, Vision Enhancement rating 2, Vision Magnification
Mapsoft (Starting City) SR5 441
Medkit 6 SR5 450
Medkit Supplies SR5 450
Micro-Transceiver SR5 441
Respirator 1 SR5 449
Restraint, Metal SR5 447
10 Restraint, Plasteel SR5 447
Survival Kit SR5 449
  • Compass, Lighter, Lightweight Thermal Blanket, Matches, Several Days' Worth of Ration Bars, Water Purification Unit
Tool Kit (Hardware) SR5 443
Tool Kit (Software) SR5 443

Erika Elite
  • Commlink Functionality with Camera, Micro, Chip Player, Credstick Reader, Earbuds 1, GPS Guidance System, Micro Trid-Projector, Music Player, RFID Tag Scanner, Shock- and Water-Resistant Case, Touchscreen Display
Nuyen: 1358

Re: Mulpa - Dwarf Vory Debt Collector - Lifestyles and Contacts

Posted: Sun Jan 17, 2021 3:25 pm
by Mulpa
Bsement Apartment
  • Medium
    5,416.67¥ per month
    Dangerous Area; DocWagon Contract, Basic; Grid Subscription (Local Grid); Grid Subscription (Public Grid)
Paulina Tzikilas
  • Fixer
    Connection: 4
    Loyalty: 1
    Metatype: Human
    Sex: Female
    Age: Middle-Aged
    Preferred Payment Method: Barter (Hobby/Vice Items)
    Hobbies/Vice: Vehicles (Antique Cars)
    Personal Life: None of Your Damn Business
    Type: Networking
Pyotr Marchenko
  • Vory Shestiorka
    Connection: Group(1)
    Loyalty: 3
    Metatype: Human
    Sex: Male
    Age: Middle-Aged
    Preferred Payment Method: Barter (Easy-to-Sell Items)
    Hobbies/Vice: Social Habit (Alcohol)
    Personal Life: Widowed
    Type: Networking
Simon Tam
  • Street Doc
    Connection: 3
    Loyalty: 1
    Metatype: Dwarf
    Sex: Male
    Age: Old
    Preferred Payment Method: Barter (Profession Items)
    Hobbies/Vice: Social Habit (Cigars)
    Personal Life: In Relationship
    Type: Support