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Tulpa (Human Decker)

Posted: Wed Dec 30, 2020 3:57 pm
by Tulpa

Topher "Tulpa" Meatheson
Player: Phil B
B 3, A 4, R 5, S 1, W 5, L 6/7, I 5/6, C 3, ESS 4.75, EDG 4
Condition Monitor (P/S): 10 / 11
Armor: 11
Limits: Physical 4, Mental 9, Social 6
Physical Initiative: 10/11+1D6
Matrix Initiative: 7+3D6
Active Skills: Acting Group 2, Athletics Group 1, Close Combat Group 1, Computer (Erase Mark +2) 6, Cybercombat 6, Electronic Warfare 6, Firearms Group 2, Gunnery 2, Hacking (vs. Files +2) 6, Hardware 4, Influence Group 2, Perception 1, Pilot Aircraft 2, Pilot Ground Craft 2, Software 5, Stealth Group 2
Knowledge Skills: Business 6, Drones 2, Matrix 6, Seattle 6
Languages: English N, Hebrew 6
Qualities: Addiction (Mild): Cram, Addiction (Mild): Psyche, Data Anomaly, Fade to Black, In Debt (Borrowed 20,000¥, Owes 30,000¥) (4), Insomnia (Half-Speed Recovery) (11dicepool vs. 4), Overclocker, Perfect Time, Quick Config, Too Much Data
. . Cerebellum Booster (1)
. . Cerebral Booster (1)
. . Cyberears (1) w/ Antennae, Antennae, Antennae, Sound Link
. . Datajack Plus (Universal Connector Cord) (3)
. . Narco
. . Nephritic Screen (2)
. . Smartlink
. . Armor Vest
. . Ballistic Mask w/ Gas Mask
. . EvoTech Himitsu w/ Attack Dongle (2), Cable tap, Increase a Matrix Attribute: Sleaze, Receiver, Sim Module, Sim Module, Modified for Hot Sim
. . . Cram x5
. . . Psyche x5
. . Glasses (1) w/ Image Link
. . Khakis, Long Sleeved Shirt and Zip-Up Hoodie
. . Messenger Bag (1)
. . . Certified Credstick, Standard: 1080¥
. . Stim Patch (1) x5
Programs Loaded into Datajack Plus 3/3
. . Signal Scrub
. . Smoke-and-Mirrors
. . Stealth
Programs in Data-Storage
. . Baby Monitor
. . Bootstrap
. . Browse
. . Configurator
. . Data Tap
. . Edit
. . Encryption
. . Fork
. . Nuke-from-Orbit
. . Search
. . Shredder
. . Sneak
. . Wrapper
. . Virtual Machine
. . Remington Suppressor [Machine Pistol, Acc 9, DV 8P, AP +1, SA/BF, 15 (c)] w/ (45x) Hollow Points, Personalized Grip, Silencer/Suppressor, Smartgun System, Internal, (2x) Spare Clips
. . Survival Knife [Blade, Acc 5, DV 3P, AP -1]
. . Fragmentation Grenade [Grenade, non-aerodynamic, Acc 4, DV 18P(f), -1/m, AP +5]
. . Omar Shaddiq w/ Fake SIN (1)
. . Topher Meatheson w/ (1 month) Low Lifestyle
. . The Walking People x12 months paid
. . Cracker Underground (Contribution expected)
. . Bart "Vector" Yin (Connection 2, Loyalty 5): Script Kiddie
Metatype: Human
Age: 26
Preferred Payment Method: Cash (credstick) or favor for favor
Hobbies/Vice: Entertainment (action trideos)
Personal Life: Single
Type: Shadow Service

A friend from Tophers orphanage. The two grew up together and bonded over their obsession with the Matrix. Bart currently works a repair desk at a small third party repair shop by day and pretends to be a badass hacker by night. He knows enough about software and systems to be useful if pushed or asked, but has never really taken the dive into the shadows completely.
. . Teddy O'Houl (Connection 4, Loyalty 3): Pharmacist
Metatype: Elf
Sex: Male
Age: Middle-aged
Preferred Payment Method: Cash (credstick)
Hobbies/Vice: Nothing of Interest
Personal Life: Divorced
Type: Swag

The Owner and Operator of a small Pharmacy. Unable to maintain a legitimate business for many years now, he went into debt to the Mob. Under a constant pressure from his new investors he opened up a backdoor business catering to less prescriptive clients. Tulpa has been a regular client since he selling out the back door.
Ammunition & Resources:
. . Fragmentation Grenade - x1
. . Remington Suppressor - Hollow Points x15 + 2 extra clips
. . Edge Pool - 1/4

looted on the job
. . a 13 nuyen credstick
. . a Renraku Sensei commlink
. . 5 clips of heavy pistol ammo
. . a brand new Ares Predator V
. . Erika MCD-1 Cyberdeck (Broken)-
Extended Test Hardware+Logic [Mental] (10/30min), requires Tool Kit, it will never look good unless the case is replaced.

Re: Tulpa (Human Decker)

Posted: Sun Jan 31, 2021 8:01 pm
by Tulpa
Topher grew up on the wrong side of town. In a town as divided as Seattle, that is not a hard thing to do. His Father was a steel monger that worked for one of the few labor unions left, and his mother worked for a hotel chain as a ‘sanitation specialist’.

When he was three, his mother was caught in the crossfire of a drug sting gone wrong. His father took to the bottle soon after and lost sight of himself and his family not long after. He died five years later, walking into oncoming traffic. Thankfully his grandmother was there to take him in. Tulpas grandmother, on his mothers side, was a first generation immigrant from ‘the old world’. Topher never thought much on what this meant as a child, but, as an adult he might reflect on the heavy impact his grandmother’s faith and education did in molding him. He would later guess his mother’s family line came from what was once Tibet.

His father was from a long line of European Jews who had barely escaped the concentration camps. He did not practice religion much and passed the same blaze altitude towards the spirituals onto his son. Topher, kept some level of that concomitant attitude towards religion, but his grandmother managed to impart the importance of tradition and history to the growing boy. She forced him to learn Hebrew and complete his bar mitzvah.

Topher was slow to develop; the loss of his parents at such keys moments in his life caused him to begin to speak late, and continually behind his peers in social development. Because of this, Topher turned to computers and electronics to entertain himself. He began with the basics: matrix games and VR scenarios. One thing led to another, and Topher discovered the world of decking.

Topher gained most of his illicit skills as a teenager. Small street hacks and side jobs kept the young man comfortable enough to find no desire for any real upward movement. He kept to himself enough that he never really connected with any of the organized groups in his neighborhood. He always felt too intimidated by any of them to approach for any real forms of employment. So Topher stayed solo, on the streets, barely making ends meet.

While Topher initially had a serious social learning disability, he learned enough on the streets to get by. He also learned the fun side of drugs- the consumer side. When his grandmother passed away of a stroke, Topher was high as a kite half a block away. It took him five years to stop blaming himself for that. Topher dropped the heavier drugs, promising himself he would never touch them again, still his fight for sobriety has been a loosing one, without any real concerted effort on his part.

When Topher was 18, he formed his own crew, with a number of other kids from the Seattle streets. They had grand intentions of becoming infamous shadow runners. Unfortunately, they were all young, stupid and high. They were good but took too many risks and burnt too many bridges. Tulpa managed to fund a number of cerebral upgrades and find a fine balance between his narcotic habits and his professional life during this time. Unfortunately, his teammates were not able to find such a balance, and two bad jobs left three dead and two more permanently crippled. Tulpa was smart enough to know when to break ties and find his way back to his original stomping grounds.

Thankfully for Topher, he learned that one of the kids he knew from his younger days had fell in well with the local Vory. Topher approached Eddie and through a little hobnobbing was able to get a favor called in to get his record scrubbed and set back up on his feet, locally. Unfortunately, now he owed the mob a decent amount of money. The next few months were hard on Tulpa. He managed to keep a roof over his head but was barely able to cover his debt to the mob, and he often had the bruises showing his extension plans.

Running solo proved tougher than expected and Tulpa discovered this the hard way. The second contract he managed to find, sent him near the brink of death, loosing his deck and any hope of making his next payment to Tulpa. At least the still had an old Himitsu commlink. It looked old and beat up, but for a commlink, it was surprisingly efficient at being sneaky on the matrix. Any heavy lifting was completely off the table, however.

And so, Tulpa finds himself searching for a job anywhere that would hire him. When Tulpa came to him with the promise of some money for some decking work, the dekker jumped at the opportunity, not bothering to let the dwarf know he didn’t have his deck anymore.