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Fearghas "MacFear” MacGuaire, Fomorian Lawyer (Face)

Posted: Mon Apr 26, 2021 4:00 pm
by MacFear
Character Sheet

Street Name: MacFear
Name: Fearghas MacGuaire
Race: Fomorian; Sex: Male; Age: 25
Height: 7’5”; Weight: 667 lbs

Languages: English: N; Or’Zet: N; Russian: 4 (Pool 7); Spanish: 2 (Pool 5)
Street Cred: 0; Notoriety: 3; Public Awareness: 0
Essence: 4.44

BOD: 4/9; AGI: 4/5; REA: 3/6; STR: 5/10
WIL: 4/5; LOG: 3/4; INT: 3/4; CHA: 5/5
EDG: 1/6

Attribute-Only Tests
Some situations are tough to deal with, even for hardened professionals like shadowrunners. When a character is faced with an emotionally overwhelming situation there are only two choices. Stay and fight or turn into a quivering lump of goo. To find out which one happens, make a Willpower + Charisma Test, with a threshold based on the severity of the situation. Take note that repeating similar situations over and again eventually eliminates the need to perform this test. Staring down a group of well-armed gangers will be scary at first, but after a character does it a few times the fear gives way to instinct.
Reading another person is also a matter of instinct. A character can use their instincts to guess at the intentions of another person or to gauge how much they can trust someone. Make an Opposed Intuition + Charisma Test against the target’s Willpower + Charisma. This is not an exact science. A successful test doesn’t mean the target will never betray you (intentions have been known to change), and deceptive characters can gain another’s confidence easily. This primarily serves as a benchmark or gut instinct about how much you can trust the person you are dealing with.
The baseline for lifting weight is 15 kilograms per point of Strength. Anything more than that requires a Strength + Body Test. Each hit increases the max weight lifted by 15 kilograms. Lifting weight above your head, as with a clean & jerk, is more difficult. The baseline for lifting weight above the head is 5 kilograms per point Strength. Each hit on the Lifting Test increases the maximum weight you can lift by 5 kilograms.

Carrying weight is significantly different than lifting weight. Characters can carry Strength x 10 kilograms in gear without effort. Additional weight requires a Lifting Test. Each hit increases the maximum by 10 kilograms. For more details on carrying gear, see Carrying Gear, p. 420.
While there are numerous mnemonic devices, and even a few select pieces of bioware, designed for remembering information, memory is not a skill. If a character needs to recall information make a Logic + Willpower Test. Use the Knowledge Skill Table to determine the threshold. If a character actively tries to memorize information, make a Logic + Willpower Test at the time of memorization. Each hit adds a dice to the Recall Test later on.

Glitches can have a devastating effect on memory. A glitch means the character misremembers some portion of the information, such as order of numbers in a passcode. A critical glitch means the character has completely fooled himself into believing and thus remembering something that never actually happened.

Derived Attributes
Initiative: 6+2d6; Physical Damage Track: 0/10 (Overflow: 0/4); Stun Damage Track: 0/10
(Every 3 boxes in a Condition results in a -1 to all die pools)

Land Movement: 8m/16m/+1m/hit (6 [7]); Swimming: 5m/+2m/hit (6 [7])

Damage Resistance
  • Acid Protection 18 - Pool 22
  • Cold Protection 12 - Pool 16
  • Electricity Protection 17 - Pool 21
  • Fire Protection 18 - Pool 22
  • Falling Protection 12 - Pool 16
  • Fatigue Resistance - Pool 8
  • Contact (6/6): Toxin Pool 14 - Disease Pool 14
  • Ingestion: Toxin Pool 8 - Disease Pool 8
  • Inhalation: Toxin Pool 8 - Disease Pool 8
  • Injection: Toxin Pool 8 - Disease Pool 8

Damage Resistance
  • Acid Protection 10 - Pool 14
  • Cold Protection 10 - Pool 14
  • Electricity Protection 10 - Pool 14
  • Fire Protection 10 - Pool 14
  • Falling Protection 10 - Pool 14
  • Fatigue Resistance - Pool 8
  • Contact: Toxin Pool 8 - Disease Pool 8
  • Ingestion: Toxin Pool 8 - Disease Pool 8
  • Inhalation: Toxin Pool 8 - Disease Pool 8
  • Injection: Toxin Pool 8 - Disease Pool 8

Damage Resistance
  • Acid Protection 9 - Pool 13
  • Cold Protection 9 - Pool 13
  • Electricity Protection 12 - Pool 16
  • Fire Protection 12 - Pool 16
  • Falling Protection 9 - Pool 13
  • Fatigue Resistance - Pool 8
  • Contact: Toxin Pool 8 - Disease Pool 8
  • Ingestion: Toxin Pool 8 - Disease Pool 8
  • Inhalation: Toxin Pool 8 - Disease Pool 8
  • Injection: Toxin Pool 8 - Disease Pool 8

Damage Resistance
  • Acid Protection 7 - Pool 11
  • Cold Protection 7 - Pool 11
  • Electricity Protection 7 - Pool 11
  • Fire Protection 7 - Pool 11
  • Falling Protection 7 - Pool 11
  • Fatigue Resistance - Pool 8
  • Contact: Toxin Pool 8 - Disease Pool 8
  • Ingestion: Toxin Pool 8 - Disease Pool 8
  • Inhalation: Toxin Pool 8 - Disease Pool 8
  • Injection: Toxin Pool 8 - Disease Pool 8

Physical: 6; Mental: 5; Social: 7(
  1. Tailored Pheromones [+3]
    Berwick Suit [+1]
    Vocal Range Expander [Situational - Speaking +1]

Skill Groups
Acting: 4, Athletics: 1, Close Combat: 2, Influence: 4, Stealth: 3

Active Skills
  • Blades: Rank 2 - Pool: 6
  • Clubs: Rank: 2 - Pool: 6
  • Computer: Rank 3 - Pool: 6
  • Con: Rank 4 - Pool: 9(
    Tailored Pheromones +3
    Tailored Pheromones +3, Berwick Coat +1, Ulysses Coat +1
  • Disguise: Rank 3 - Pool: 6
  • Etiquette: 4 - Pool: 9(
    Tailored Pheromones +3
    Tailored Pheromones +3, Berwick Coat +1, Ulysses Coat +1
  • First Aid: Rank 2 - Pool: 5
  • Gymnastics: Rank 1 - Pool: 5
  • Impersonation: Rank 4 - Pool: 9(
    Tailored Pheromones +3
    Tailored Pheromones +3, Berwick Coat +1, Ulysses Coat +1
  • Intimidation: Rank 3 - Pool: 8(
    Berwick Coat +1, Ulysses Coat +1
    Nasty Trog +3 (Non-Orks/Trolls)
    Berwick Coat +1, Ulysses Coat +1, Nasty Trog +3 (Non-Orks/Trolls)
  • Leadership: Rank 4 - Pool: 9(
    Tailored Pheromones +3
    Tailored Pheromones +3, Berwick Coat +1, Ulysses Coat +1
  • Negotiation: Rank 4 - Pool: 9(
    Tailored Pheromones +3
    Tailored Pheromones +3, Berwick Coat +1, Ulysses Coat +1
  • Palming: Rank 3 - Pool: 7
  • Perception: Rank 2 [Visual] - Pool: 5(7)
  • Performance: 4 - Pool: 9(
    Tailored Pheromones +3
    Tailored Pheromones +3, Berwick Coat +1, Ulysses Coat +1
  • Pistols: Rank 4 [Semi-Automatics] - Pool: 8 (10)
  • Running: Rank 1 - Pool: 6
  • Sneaking: Rank 3 - Pool: 7
  • Swimming: Rank 1 - Pool: 6
  • Unarmed Combat: Rank 2 - Pool: 6

Knowledge Skills
  • History: Rank 2 - Pool: 5
  • Law: Rank 6 - Pool: 9
  • Magic Law: Rank 4 - Pool: 7
  • UCAS: Rank 2 - Pool: 5
  • Fashion: Rank 4 - Pool: 7
  • Law: Rank 6 - Pool: 9
  • Magical Law: Rank 4 - Pool: 7
  • Seattle - The Trogs: Rank 6 - Pool: 9
  • Safehouses: Rank 4 - Pool: 7
  • Seattle: Rank 4 - Pool: 7
  • Seattle - Gangs: Rank 4 - Pool: 7

Re: Fearghas "MacFear” MacGuaire, Fomorian Lawyer (Face)

Posted: Mon Apr 26, 2021 4:00 pm
by MacFear
I was born over international waters en route to Seattle. SINless, just like my parents. Mother was Fomorian, but dad was a normal Troll. Well, mom and dad had to do a run in Japan of all places. Mom was too pregnant to get too involved, but she did legwork and prep.

They finished the job and bugged out immediately. They would never make their flight, but they caught a lucky break on the docks. The rest is history. They raised me in Seattle, and it was as good a place as any, I suppose. There’s plenty of Orks and Trolls doing alright for themselves, relatively speaking.

We settled down in a little squat in the underground, and they kept food and the table with little jobs here and there. They taught me what they knew, or at least what they could teach a kid. Then when I was nine, they disappeared. No sign of them, anywhere.

I had some money stashed away, and I did alright for about a month, but then I started falling in with the local gang - the Trogs. Maybe it was just because I was a big troll and was only going to be bigger, but I like to think they saw something in me.

The boss started taking a liking to me. Said my head wasn’t empty like the rest of them. He taught me what he knew about running a gang while the others taught me how to sneak and fight. It was a good time. They always made sure I was too busy to miss my parents too much...or try to find them?

Well, when I turned seventeen the boss took me aside. He shoved a ticket in my hand and sent me to Harvard. "All expenses paid!" He said. More like he practically staked the Trog’s livelihood on me doing something with my life. The boss had money. A lot of money for a lifetime ork ganger. But not 'send a Troll ganger to Harvard' money.

Anyhow, college wasn’t exciting like you might think. A troll at Harvard? Yeah, that went over well. I was too busy studying and fighting for my degree to do anything fun. It turned out alright, though. Graduated with honors and flew home with my degree in hand.

And the boss was waiting there for me. That’s when he let me know exactly how much I owed him and the Troggs! He was fair though. He had already set me up a spot downtown to practice law. I took any case that paid. Turns out I’m pretty good at lawyering.

But lawyering wasn’t all I was good at. The boss would pull me back in, have me go talk to some boys. Usually nothing ugly, but he knew I could handle myself if it went that way. Working a job and a half started wearing on me, though. Got this implant that helps me stay awake. I crash hard when its time, but not even for half as long!

I went that way for years. Paying the boss back by working cases and doing side jobs for him. I’ve made a name for myself now, The boys call me MacFear. Most of ‘em don’t know my real name, and the ones that did know couldn’t pronounce it. So they shortened it to MacFear. Now, people know that if you have a problem, you go to MacFear. But if you cause trouble? MacFear will find you.

Re: Fearghas "MacFear” MacGuaire, Fomorian Lawyer (Face)

Posted: Mon Apr 26, 2021 4:00 pm
by MacFear
The Trogs are one of the local gangs downtown, or rather under downtown.. They recruit orks and trolls exclusively, and they take care of their own. After my parents disappeared, they took me in. The boss noticed that the head on my shoulders wasn’t empty and that I had a way with words, so they set me up.

Loyalty: 3; Connection Bonus: 1; Karma: N/A; SINner Quality Required: N

The boss got me into Harvard Law, all expenses paid. Hah, he didn’t tell me that the money was going to come out of my hide if I didn’t complete my courses. I did it though, I graduated with honors. I came back to Seattle and squared most of my debts with the Boss and the Trogs away.
I still owe the old man some chump change, but not too much. I don’t think he wants me to pay it off. As long as I owe him money, I have to keep coming around. It’s not like they could keep me away, anyways!

Loyalty: 3; Connections: 4

This guy isn’t too bad for the law. He knows that I'm looking out for my people, and I’m one of the only ones doing it. As long as nothing too rough goes down, he cooperates with me. I return the favor by slipping him what info I can about the Trogs’ rival gangs.

Loyalty: 3; Connections: 3

I’ve never had much time for girls, but this is the cutest troll I’ve ever met. I don’t have a lot of time to go to the bar, but It always makes me happy when I can. She’s usually there, and I spend more than I should every time I go. Her drinks are to die for, too.

Loyalty: 1; Connections: 1

No one knows who Den is. He (?) is obsessed with disguises and never appears as the same person twice. Only his trademark obsession with smiling and the information he knows about his clients mark him to most of those he works with. He is incredibly well informed. Because he uses Triad enforcers as his bodyguards, most assume him to be Triad as well, but no one really knows. What is known is he is a dwarf. His services include some of the most convincing fake SINs on the market, as well as an odd offering. A real SIN with full backstop from the UCAS, CAS, many NAN governments, the California Free State, Japanese Imperial State, and even the Tirs - enough to fool anyone from the Megacorps and various governments alike. The privileges that come with this vary with the price.This service costs millions and has a list of requirements a kilometer long, but it is quite real.
When dealing with normal Fake SINs, he often doesn’t charge just money for his services. He will trade tasks outright, or allow them as payments. There are times he has given someone a Fake SIN for “free” and then later called them in for tasks which provide assistance for other customers. He is ruthless and demands exacting procedures in regards to contact. You do not, ever, break protocol with him. No one who has breached protocol has ever survived the experience. He is an excellent source of information, when he shares it. Depending on the secret involved, his price can be high indeed - and not always in a monetary way.
(Triad ID Manufacturer)
Loyalty: 1; Connections: 9

Re: Fearghas "MacFear” MacGuaire, Fomorian Lawyer (Face)

Posted: Mon Apr 26, 2021 4:00 pm
by MacFear

Negative Qualities
  • A character with a Bad Rep quality has a dark and lasting stain on her reputation. She may be a former Knight Errant cop known to have been particularly brutal in dealing with shadowrunners. Or word on the street might be that she once killed a member of her own runner team. If she’s Awakened and comes from a polluted region, it may be generally accepted that she’s a toxic shaman. Whether she is actually guilty of any wrongdoing is not relevant. What people believe she has done has permanently tainted the way they see her and how they deal with her. Whatever the reason, the character starts play with 3 points of Notoriety (p. 372) that can only be removed or decreased by confronting and resolving the source of the bad reputation. Only then may the Bad Rep quality be bought off with Karma.
  • When running in the shadows, sometimes you need a way to fill your days, or to maintain your cover. This quality burdens a character with responsibilities and time commitments. While the regular income is nice, having a regular schedule and a boss to answer to doesn’t jibe well with the shadowrunning profession. The player and gamemaster should work together to determine the job, which is usually a pretty decent gig based on the pay rates, but the gamemaster should determine the shifts the character works. In order to establish the legitimacy of the day job, the character must possess a valid SIN (SINner quality or at least a Rating 4 fake SIN). If they have the SINner quality, the money from the Day Job quality is considered already taxed. If they are using a fake and it gets burned or connected to a crime, expect the cops to come down hard and the job is lost until the situation is cleared up.
    When combined with the Fame quality, this could easily bring in enough money to support the character, so make sure they have a good reason to run the shadows.
    The Day Job table provides the Karma, income, and hours breakdown for the quality.
    During runs, the gamemaster should keep track of how many consecutive days are being spent on shadowrunning activity and whether the character can fulfill their day job responsibilities. If they can’t, they get a warning; if it happens again after a warning, they lose their job. Losing their job costs them 2 points of Street Cred (how can you be trusted as a runner if you can’t even hold a job as a fry cook?) and costs the character a month of salary due to purchases they made in anticipation of their pay.
    Salary/month: 5,000¥
    Hours/week: 40
  • This character has an obsession, something that drives them forward. Everything they do is designed to bring them one step closer to solving the enigma in their life. This can be finding a disappeared loved one, discovering a hidden truth about themselves, or even getting revenge on an old enemy. Whatever the cause, when faced with a clue or opportunity to advance their quest, the character must make a Willpower + Logic (4) Test to not immediately drop everything and pursue this new information. Unless the character succeeds, they will sacrifice anything and anyone to get closer to the truth. On the other hand, such single-minded obsession makes the character a tough nut to crack. As long as the character is actively working a lead, he gains +1 to his Willpower.
  • For every point of Karma spent on this quality, one of the Big 10 megacorps possesses a relatively up-to-date record of the character's SIN, biometrics, personal, and medical data. The gamemaster and player can work together to figure out why they have this data or the player can leave that mystery up to the gamemaster.
    The data provides the megacorp's agents a +2 dice pool modifier for any tests made to identify the character through their records. Due to the proliferation and saturation of facial recognition and identification systems used by the megacorporations to track consumer habits, representatives of the selected megacorps also have a +2 dice pool modifier on tests to track down or locate the character whenever they are in an area with a C or better security rating. No character can have Records on File and Erased at the same time.
  • +100% Lifestyle costs
Positive Qualities
  • When targeted by a spell (including a critter’s Innate Spell), the character is harder to affect. This potent ability makes casting both benevolent and malevolent spells on these characters much more difficult. The character adds 2 dice to their resistance test against any spell. If the spell is one that is not normally resisted (such as Invisibility), the character still rolls their Arcane Arrester dice pool of either two dice and reduces the hits rolled on the Spellcasting Test by any hits they roll. For instance, if a mage casts Invisibility on a character with Arcane Arrester 1 and gets 4 hits on a Spellcasting Test, the target character rolls 2 dice and gets 1 hits, meaning only three of the hits on the Spellcasting Test are used to make the target invisible.
  • A character with this quality reads, writes, and speaks a second language fluently. They can list a second language as a native tongue (see Language Skills, p. 150). This quality can only be acquired at character creation; selecting it gives the character a second free language skill during Step Five: Purchase Active, Knowledge, and Language Skills (p. 88).
  • Something about the character’s body is exceptionally accepting of bioware implants. Not only are the implants not rejected, but they seamlessly fit within the body, having less impact on its holistic integrity. In game terms, the Essence cost of implants of the particular chosen type are reduced by ten percent, rounded down to the tenth. This quality may only be taken once.
  • The ork and troll community is not well-known for its wealth, but there are a number of trogs who have gained some money and are determined to use it to help others. Fortunately for you, you made contact with them and have become one of the beneficiaries. It didn’t make you rich, but it’s a nice boost. Ork and troll characters with this quality can maintain a Squatter lifestyle for free, or a Low lifestyle for half the usual amount (making it 1,000 nuyen per month for orks, 2,000 for trolls).
  • As a minor member of an organized crime syndicate, the character can occasionally call on its resources. At the time of purchase, select a crime syndicate as a free Group Contact (see Group or Organization Contact Options, p. 176). As the character is an actual member of the syndicate, Loyalty is increased to 3 instead of starting at 1. This status also allows him to use the syndicate as a reliable fence for stolen goods (they get thirty percent of the items’ value) or as a source for stolen and restricted goods (ten percent price reduction and a +1 dice pool modifier for the Availability Test).Everything comes with a price, though. The character is expected to participate in syndicate work, taking at least twenty hours of his time every week in a standard campaign, and costing the character one out of every four weeks in Missions play.
  • With sharpened horns and/or tusks, clothing worn to highlight dermal deposits, and so forth, you highlight your inherent trog characteristics in ways that make other metatypes nervous. You receive +3 to Intimidation tests against all non-orks and -trolls (a group that includes ork and troll variants).
  • Reach +1
  • Thermographic Vision

Re: Fearghas "MacFear” MacGuaire, Fomorian Lawyer (Face)

Posted: Mon Apr 26, 2021 10:11 pm
by MacFear

Cost: 5,483¥/mo
Primary SIN: Implanted transys Avalon (DR6)
+SIN 4 (Johnathan Douglas, Practicing Lawyer; Avail 12F)
++Docwagon Gold Contract (2,083.33333¥/mo)
++Low Lifestyle (Cost 3,400¥/mo)
+++Special Work Area - Law Office
+++Extra Secure
+++Key lock 6 (DR 2)
+++Maglock 6 (DR 2)
++++Anti-tamper Circuits 4
++++Card reader
++++Biometric reader (Print Scanner)
++++Biometric reader (Voice Recognition)
+++Credit Account
++Lawyer License 4 (Avail 12F)
++Bioware License 4 (Avail 12F)
Vocal Range Expander (12R)
Tailored Pheromones (12R)
Synaptic Booster 1 (6R)
++Stun Baton License 4 (Avail 12F)
++Concealed Carry License 4 (Avail 12F)
++Firearm License 4 (Avail 12F)
Colt New Model Revolver
++Restricted Ammunition License (Avail 12F)

Cost: 0¥/mo
Shadow SIN: Erika Elite (DR 4)
+SIN 2 (Alexander Trofmun, Security Guard; Avail 6F)
++Squatter Lifestyle (0¥/mo)
++Security Guard License (Avail 6F)
++Armor License 2 (Avail 6F)
++Concealed Carry License 2 (Avail 6F)
++Firearm License 2 (Avail 6F)
+++Ares Predator V (5R)
++++Gas-vent system 3 (9R)
++Smartlink License 2 (Avail 6F)
++Anti Surveillance License 2 (Avail 6F)
+++Bug scanner 6 (6R)
++Restricted Ammunition License (Avail 6F)

Cost: 0¥/mo
Burner SIN: Meta Link (DR 1)
+Sin 1 (Malathu Akabang, Student; Avail 3F)
++Street Lifestyle (Cost ¥0/mo)
++Student License 1 (Avail 3F)

Commlink (Essence .2, DR 6)
The implanted version of the commlink (CRB p. 438) comes with a sim module at no additional cost. You get DNI by wearing trodes or having an implanted commlink (CRB p 222).

Datajack (Essence .1, DR 2)
A datajack gives you a direct neural interface (p. 222), which can be handy in a lot of situations. It also comes with a retractable spool of micro-cable (about a meter long) that lets you directly interface with any electronic device via a universal access cable. Datajacks are equipped with their own cache of storage memory for downloading or saving files. Two datajack users can string a fiberoptic cable between themselves to conduct a private mental communication immune to radio interception or eavesdropping.
Wireless: The datajack gives you Rating 1 noise reduction.

Sleep regulator (Essence -)
The sleep regulator lets you get by with three hours of sleep each night and stay awake for twice as long as normal before having to resist sleep deprivation fatigue (p. 172). Resting hours for healing purposes are not affected.

Synaptic booster 1 (Essence .4, Availability 6R)
The booster confers a bonus of +1 Reaction (and accompanying adjustment to Initiative and Physical limit) and +1D6 Initiative Die per point of Rating. The synaptic booster cannot be combined with any other form of Reaction or Initiative enhancement.

Tailored pheromones 3 (Essence .5, Availability 12R)
These pheromones are specially tailored to subtly influence others and can be released at will. Tailored pheromones add their Rating as a dice pool modifier to your skill tests for skills in the Acting and Influence skill groups, but only when the person you’re using them on is within a comfortable conversation range—if they can’t smell you, the pheromones don’t work. Tailored pheromones also work on you to make you feel better about yourself; increase your Social limit by the Rating. Tailored pheromones have no effect on magical abilities and tests.

Vocal range expander (Essence .1, Availability 12R)
While the base enhancement gives the user access to a full eight octaves for singing, the vocal range expander pushes the boundaries even further, allowing the user’s voice to reach into the infrasonic and ultrasonic, ranging from 20 Hz to 200 kHz, producing sounds beyond the standard metahuman hearing range. Combined with a similar hearing enhancement, users can speak with one another at a frequency others can’t hear, an obvious advantage. If the user is a skilled mimic, they can further replicate a wider array of sounds than an ordinary metahuman is capable of.
The vocal range enhancer raises the user’s Social limit by 1 for any test where they speak, or by 2 for any Perform (Singing) test.
The vocal range extender does the same, but it also allows for attempts to fool voice recognition systems or to imitate animal or artificial noises. Use an Opposed Impersonation + Charisma Test against the biometric system’s Rating for the former, or against an NPC’s Perception + Intuition for the latter.

Berwick Suit (AR 9, Capacity 5, DR 2)
Nonconductivity 5 (Add the full rating of this modification to the Armor value when resisting Electricity attacks.)
Features: Custom Fit, increase Social Limit by 1, -2 modifier for Concealability
Wireless Bonus: +1 dice pool bonus to social tests
  1. Ulysses Coat (AR 10/+3, Capacity 12, DR 2)
    Chemical Protection 6 (Add the rating of the Chemical Protection modification to tests made to resist contact-vector toxin attacks. [Also Acid Damage?])
    Fire Resistance 6 (Add the full rating of the Fire Resistance modification to the Armor value when resisting Fire attacks or checking if the armor catches fire.)
    Features: Custom Fit (Stack), increase Social Limit by 1, -3 modifier for Concealability
    Wireless Bonus: +1 dice pool bonus to Social Tests
Industrious (AR 9, Capacity 6, DR 2)
Fire Resistance 3 (Add the full rating of the Fire Resistance modification to the Armor value when resisting Fire attacks or checking if the armor catches fire.)
Nonconductivity 3 (Add the full rating of this modification to the Armor value when resisting Electricity attacks.)
Features: Increase Social Limit by 1 (when wearing clothing suited to a particular corporate environment), Gear Access
Wireless Bonus: +1 dice pool to Social Tests when worn within the appropriate corp.

Bike Racing Armor (AR 8, Capacity 8, DR 2)
  1. Bike Racing Helmet (AR +2, Capacity 6, DR 2)
Padded leather (AR 7, Capacity 2, DR 2)
Features: Custom Fit, Padded, increase Social Limit by 1 when dealing with gang members, decrease Social Limit by 1 when dealing with the general public)

Pool: 6, Accuracy 6, DV: 7Pv-3, Reach 1
(ACC 6, DV (Str+2)P, AP -3, DR 2)

Pool 6, Accuracy 6, DV 9S(e)v-5, Reach 2
(acc 6, Reach 1, DV 9S(e), AP -5, Availability 6R, DR 2)
Features: It has ten charges and regains one charge per ten seconds when plugged in.
Wireless: The stun baton recharges by induction, regaining one charge per full hour of wireless-enabled time.

Pool 8(
Laser Sight Wireless Bonus +1
), Accuracy 7, 5S(e)v-5, Recoil Compensation 3, 5/10/15/20
(ACC 6(7), DV 6S(e), AP -5, Mode SA, Ammo 6(m), DR 2)
6/6 Taser darts
Wireless: A successful hit informs you of the status of the target’s basic health (and Condition monitors)
Laser Sight (DR 2): This increases the weapon’s Accuracy by 1, which is not cumulative with smartlink modifiers. Activating or deactivating a laser sight is a Simple Action.
  1. Wireless: The wireless laser sight provides a +1 dice pool bonus on attack tests, not cumulative with smartlink modifiers. Activating and deactivating the laser sight is a Free Action.
Hidden arm slide (Availability 4R)
  1. Features: Attached to the forearm and worn under clothing, It can fit a hold-out, light pistol, or taser. With a hand gesture, the slide releases the weapon/object right into your hand. If you quick draw the weapon in this slide, the threshold for the quick draw is 2. It also gives the weapon a –1 Concealability modifier.
    Wireless: You can ready the weapon in the slide as a Free Action.

Pool 8, Accuracy 6, 5P, Recoil Compensation 3, 5/15/30/50
(ACC 6, DV 5p, AP -, Mode SA, Ammo 5(cy), Avail 4R, DR 2)
5/5 Regular (Avail 2R)
Concealed Quick-Draw Holster
  1. Features: You get to reduce the Concealability modifier of your weapon by 1 while the threshold to quick-draw a holstered weapon drops by 1.
  1. Features: Reload as a Complex Action instead of having to load rounds one at a time.
    5/5 Regular (Avail 2R)
  1. Features: Reload as a Complex Action instead of having to load rounds one at a time.
    5/5 Stick-n-Shock (ACC 6, DV 3S(e), AP 5, Avail 6R)

Heavy Pistol
Pool 10(
Smartgun System with External Smartlink +1
), Accuracy 5(
Smartgun System, Internal +2
), 8Pv-1, Recoil Compensation 6, 5/20/40/60
(ACC 5(7), DV 8P, AP -1, Mode SA, Ammo 15(c), Avail 5R, DR 2)
15/15 Regular (2R)
Internal Smartgun System (DR 2)
  1. Features: If you have a smartlink, you can mentally switch between gun modes, eject a clip, and fire the gun without pulling the trigger. The camera lets you shoot around corners without exposing yourself to return fire (at a –3 dice pool penalty). If you’re using a smartlink, the smartgun system increases the gun’s Accuracy by 2. The small camera has a capacity of 1 and can be equipped with vision enhancements (p. 444).
    Wireless: A wireless smartlink provides a dice pool bonus to all attacks with the weapon: +2 if you’re using an augmentation for which you paid Essence. Ejecting a clip and changing fire modes are Free Actions.
Gas-vent system 3 (9R)
  1. Features: Once installed, a gas-vent cannot be removed. Gas-vent systems provide a number of points of Recoil Compensation equal to their rating.
Improved range finder (DR 2)
  1. Features: The effect of this is to reduce range modifiers by 1. This only can be used in weapons that have a smartlink. This bonus cannot be combined with any bonuses from image magnification on the weapon.
Thermographic Flashlight (DR 2)
Gecko Grip
  1. Features: The fibers can be turned on and off via wireless command if you have a smartgun—if not, pressing two buttons at the same time does the trick. The mod gives a +6 bonus on any tests to see if a character keeps grip on the gun
Concealable Holster
  1. Features: This small holster can be worn on the ankle, clipped to the forearm, in the small of the back, or anywhere else it’s unlikely to be seen. The concealable holster adds –1 to the item’s Concealability (p. 419).
    Wireless: Wireless sensors and a smart-fabric coated weave allow the holster to alter color and texture in real time adding an additional –1 to the item’s Concealability
Spare clip
  1. 15/15 Regular (2R)
Spare clip
  1. 15/15 Gel (DV +0S, AP +1, Avail 2R)
Spare clip
  1. 15/15 Stick-nShock (Dv -2S(e), AP -5, Avail 6R)
Spare clip
  1. 15/15 APDS (AP -4, Avail 12F)
Spare clip
  1. 15/15 Hollow Point (DV +1, AP +2, Avail 4F)

Taser (6m)
12xTaser Darts

Holdout (5cy)
10xRegular (Avail 2R)
5xStick-n-Shock (DV -2S(e), AP -5, Avail 6R)

Heavy Pistol (15c)
150xRegular (Avail 2R)
30xStick-n-Shock (DV -2S(e), AP -5, Avail 6R)
15xGel (DV +0S, AP +1, Avail 2R)
30xAPDS (AP -4, Avail 12F)
15xExplosive (DV +1, AP -1, Avail 9F)
15xHollow Point (DV +1, AP +2, Avail 4F)

APDS (AP -4, Avail 12F, Cost 120¥/10)
Explosive (DV +1, AP -1, Avail 9F, Cost 80¥/10)
Gel (DV +0S, AP +1, Avail 2R, Cost 25¥/10)
Hollow Point (Dv +1, AP +2, Avail 4F, Cost 70¥/10)
Regular (Avail 2R, Cost 20¥/10)
Stick-n-Shock (DV -2S(e), AP -5, Avail 6R, Cost 80¥/10)
Taser Dart (Avail 3, Cost 50¥/10)

Implanted Transys Avalon (DR 6)
Erika Elite (DR 4)
Meta Link (DR 1)
Meta Link (DR 1)
Meta Link (DR 1)

Bug Scanner 6 (Avail 6R, DR 2)
Features: Also called a radio signal scanner, this device locates and locks in wireless devices within 20 meters. The scanner can also measure a signal’s strength and pinpoint its location. To operate a bug scanner, roll Electronic Warfare + Logic [Rating]. A device that is running silent (like a Stealth tag) can use its Logic + Sleaze to defend against the scan. If you get any net hits at all, you find the device.
Wireless: You may substitute the scanner’s Rating for your Electronic Warfare skill when you use it.

White Noise Generator 6 (DR 2)
Features: This device creates a field of random noise, masking the sounds within its area and preventing direct audio surveillance. All Perception Tests to overhear a conversation within (Rating) meters of a white noise generator receive a negative dice pool modifier equal to the generator’s Rating. If more than one generator is in use, only count the highest rating. A white noise generator is redundant in a noisy environment (such as a nightclub or a firefight) and does not help to curtail video surveillance or jam wireless signals.
Wireless: The white noise generator’s effective radius is tripled.

Micro-Tranceiver (DR 2)
The classic short-ranger communicator ahs been favored by professional operatives since the 2050's. It doesn't do anything special, it just lets you communicate by voice with other micro-transceivers and commlinks that you (and the other person) choose, within a kilometer. The micro-transceiver consists of an ear bud and an adhesive
Subvocal microphone (DR 3)
Features: Attached with adhesive to your throat, this hard-to-spot microphone lets you communicate via subvocalized speech. A –4 dice pool modifier is applied to Perception Tests to overhear you when you’re subvocalizing.
(p. 439), both of which are commonly available in hard-to-spot designs.
Wireless: The micro-transceiver's range becomes worldwide.
Gold credstick (Max 100,000¥, DR 5)
Silver Credstick (Max 20,000¥, DR 5)
Standard Credstick (Max 5,000¥, DR 5)
Standard Credstick (Max 5,000¥, Dr 5)
Standard Credstick (Max 5,000¥, DR 5)
Optical Binoculars (DR 2)
Camera (Capacity 5, DR 2)
Low-light Vision (Allows sight normally in light levels as low as starlight)
Vision Enhancement 3 (+3 to limit on visual Perception Tests and +3 to dice pool while Wireless)
Vision magnification (Magnifies vision up to fifty times)

Contact Lenses (Capacity 3, Avail 11R, DR 2)
Flare compensation (Mitigates vision modifiers for glare and reduces penalty from flashing lights)
Polychromic Lens (This feature can be added to contacts and allows an individual to change the apparent color and pattern of their retina. The contacts can be changed via wireless connection to any appearance imaginable, though the resolution is not as precise as Retinal Duplication cyberware and cannot fool a biometric reader.)
Smartlink (This accessory works with a smartgun system to give you the full benefit of the system. The smartgun will tell you the range to various targets, as well as ammunition level (and type), heat buildup, mechanical stress and so on. Without a smartlink, a smartgun system just sends out data that isn't received by anyone and has no effect. A smartlink installed in a natural eye or in a pair of cybereyes is more effective than a smartlink installed in an external device; see Smartgun System, CRB p 433.)
Biomonitor (DR 2)
This compact device measures life signs—heart rate, blood pressure, temperature, and so on. The biomonitor can also analyze blood, sweat, and skin samples. Used by medical services and patients who need to monitor their own health, biomonitors can be worn as an armband or wristband or integrated into clothing or commlinks.
Wireless: The biomonitor shares information with other wireless devices you designate and can auto-alert DocWagon or another ambulance service if your life signs reach certain thresholds.

Harley-Davidson Scorpion (Handl* 4/3; Speed* 4; Accel 2; Bod 8; Armor 9; Pilot 1, Sensor 2; Seat 1)

Nuyen: 3,604¥

Re: Fearghas "MacFear” MacGuaire, Fomorian Lawyer (Face)

Posted: Mon Apr 26, 2021 10:11 pm
by MacFear
Chargen Accounting / Future Advancement

This section was the inspiration for MacFear. After building him, I rebuilt him in Point Buy, which is what the current sheet reflects.

Nationality: United Canadian and American States (UCAS)
The UCAS—land of the free, home of the brave. No matter how much the megacorporations control the lives of the citizens, no matter how many government officials are caught selling out their constituents for a thin grasp at power, no matter how many sham elections put corporate-controlled puppets into power, UCAS residents still hold true to this old, outdated image. What they are in truth is a nation of great wealth and tremendous power, and if the citizens are lucky, they might someday touch a small piece of it.
  • Primary Language: English (N)
  • Secondary Language: Spanish +1
  • Universal Skills: Computer +1; Knowledge - History +1, Knowledge - UCAS +1
  • Sinless
    • Attributes: Agility +1
    • Skills: Knowledge - [City] +1
Formative Years: Child of the Shadows (Age 10)
Your parents were both shadowrunners. Maybe they were hopeless romantics, trying to bring a child into this world, knowing better than most what it’s truly like. Maybe they needed that ray of light into their lives, hope for the future, for a better life for you. In any case, they were not fools, teaching you from a young age the basics of self-reliance and survival.
  • Attributes: Intuition +1
  • Skills: Computer +1, Con +1, First Aid +1, Perception +1, Stealth Group +2; Street - Safehouses +3
Teen Years: Trog Ganger (Ages 10-17)
Strength is in numbers, weakness in isolation. In your formative years, you bound yourself to people who could help you survive the rough side of your city, including the people who wanted to see you impoverished, isolated, or even killed simply because of your horns and/or tusks. You lashed out, hitting the opposition the world aligned against you. Sometimes the world hit back, but you learned how to keep yourself standing.
  • Attributes: Agility +1, Willpower +1
  • Qualities: Bad Rep (7), Nasty Trog
  • Skills: Close Combat Group +2; Con +1, Escape Artist +1, First Aid +1, Gymnastics +1, Intimidation +1, Palming +1, Sneaking +1, Survival +1; Street - [City] +1
Further Education (Ages 17-21)
Ivy League University - Law Science Discipline.
When you need a line on your résumé that will get the attention of the right people, then get yourself to an Ivy League school. Ivy League graduates are more likely than anyone else to regularly remind you of where they went to college, partly because they’ve been conditioned by the number of people who are impressed when they mention their alma mater. Formerly, there were eight Ivy League universities: Brown, Columbia, Cornell, Dartmouth, Harvard, University of Pennsylvania, Princeton, and Yale. Additionally, the remaining six of the Seven Sister colleges—Barnard, Bryn Mawr, Mount Holyoke, Smith, Vassar, and Wellesley (Radcliffe, the seventh, merged with Harvard) are often seen to be on the same level as the Ivys. By attending these colleges, students gain not only an impressive education, but also some of the social skills that will serve them well their whole life. They don’t gain much in the way of humility, but no one can have everything.
  • Attributes: Charisma +1, Logic +1, Willpower +1
  • Skills: Computer +1, Etiquette +1, Negotiation +1, Perception +1, Performance +1; Academic - [Any] +4, Academic - Law +6
Real Life (Ages 21-25)
Regular Job
You went to college to get a job. Then you got that job. The world needs regular people, right? Whatever job you take should be compatible with your education to this point.
  • Attributes: Charisma +1, Logic +1, Willpower +1
  • Skills: Etiquette +1, Leadership +1, Negotiation +1; Interest - [Any] +1, Professional - [Job] +1, Professional - [Job] +2, +6 points to be spent among vocational skills relating to your job (no more than 3 ranks per skill)

Attributes: Agility +2, Intuition +1, Logic +2, Willpower +3, Charisma +2
Skill Groups: Close Combat Group +2, Stealth Group +2
Skills: Computer +3, Con +2, Escape Artist +1, Etiquette +2, First Aid +2, Gymnastics +1, Intimidation +1, Leadership +1, Negotiation +2, Palming +1, Perception +2, Performance +1, Sneaking +1, Survival +1
Knowledge Skills: Academic - [Any] +4, Academic - Law +6, Interest - [Any] +1, Knowledge - History +1, Knowledge - UCAS +1, Knowledge - [City] +1, Professional - [Job] +1, Professional - [Job] +2, Street - Safehouses +3, Street - [City] +1
  1. +6 points to be spent among vocational skills relating to your job (no more than 3 ranks per skill)
Languages: English (N), Spanish +1

Karma 800/800
Race: 100
BOD: 0; AGI: 45; REA: 10; STR: 0; WIL: 45; LOG: 25; INT: 25; CHA: 70 EDG: 0
: 220
Negative: -25/-25 (Bad Rep -7, Day Job -15, Driven -2, Records on File -1)
Positive: 25/25 (Bilingual +5, Biocompatibility +5, Community Connection +5, Made Man +5, Nasty Trog +5)
: 0
Martial Arts: 0
Skill Groups
Acting Group (50), Athletics Group (5), Close Combat Group (15), Influence Group (50), Stealth Group (30)
Active Skills
Intimidation (12), Perception (13), First Aid (6), Computer (12), Pistols (27)
Knowledge Skills (52 of 12 + 40 extra)
History (3), Seattle - Gangs (10), Seattle (10), Law (21), Magical Law (10), UCAS (3), Fashion (10), Magical Law (10), Safehouses (10), Russian (10), Spanish (3)
: 320
319,815.833333¥ spent beyond available resources at 2000¥/karma point (160).
Limit: 235
Note: HeroLab does not account for Community Connection. My Lifestyles on HeroLab cost 6800 (4000x20%=4800+1000=5800 Low + 1000 Squatter). They actually cost 3400 (2000x20%=2400+1000=3400 Low + 0 Squatter). Instead of throwing the overall accuracy of the build off buy doing anything funky, I simply added the 3400 difference to my starting funds.
: 160
Contacts: 15/15
: 0

Starting Cash Roll: 3d6 x 60 = 420 + 3634 = 4004

Karma Available: 8
Total Karma Earned: 8
  • +6 for completing my character and posting by 5/9/21 via Discord chat with @Muppet Man
  • +2 Karma from Quarterly Awards Q2 2021 via Discord alert from @Muppet Man

Re: Fearghas "MacFear” MacGuaire, Fomorian Lawyer (Face)

Posted: Tue Jul 13, 2021 6:06 pm
by MacFear
+500 Nuyen from escorting Mrs. Johnson. (4,104)