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Death Otter

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Street Name: Death Otter
Name: Bethany Cotter
Metatype: Human; Sex: Female; Age: 19
Height: 5’2”; Weight: 117 lbs

Languages: English: N;
Street Cred: 0; Notoriety: 1; Public Awareness: 0
Essence: 6; Resonance: 6

BOD: 3; AGI: 4; REA: 4; STR: 2
WIL: 6; LOG: 5; INT: 5; CHA: 3
EDG: 2

Composure: 9; Judge Intentions: 8; Lift/Carry: 5, Memory: 11

Derived Attributes
Initiative: 9+1d6; Matrix AR: 9+1d6; Matrix Hotsim: 10+4d6

Physical Damage Track: 0/10 (Overflow: 0/3); Stun Damage Track: 0/10
(Every 3 boxes in a Condition results in a -1 to all die pools)

Damage 14 14
Fire 14 14
Cold 14 14
Electricity 17 17
Acid 14 14
Falling 14 14
Fatigue 9
Sonic 6

Radiation 9
Judge Intentions 9

Combat Spells
Direct, Mana 6
Direct, Physical 3
Indirect, Defense 9
Detection Spells 11

Health Spells
Decrease Attribute - Body 9
Decrease Attribute - Agility 10
Decrease Attribute - Reaction 10
Decrease Attribute - Strength 8
Decrease Attribute - Charisma 9
Decrease Attribute - Intuition 11
Decrease Attribute - Logic 11
Decrease Attribute - Willpower 12

Illusion Spells
Mana 11
Physical 10

Manipulation Spells
Mental 11
Physical 5

INHALATION Immune (gas mask)

Physiological 9
Psychological 11

Land Movement: 8m/16m/+2m/hit); Swimming: 3m/+1m/hit)

Physical 4 (+2 Sneaking when visible; +3 Sneaking vs thermal vision/sensors)
Mental 7 (+2 for visual perception)
Social 6

- Cracking 5
- - Cybercombat 10
- - Electronic Warfare 10
- - Hacking 10

Compiling 6 (Crack sprites 8) 12/14
Computer 6 (Matrix Perception 8) 11/13
Pistols 6 (Semi-auto 8) 10/12
Registering 6 (Fault sprites 8) 12/14
Software 6 (Threading 8) 11/13
Sneaking 3 7
Negotiation 1 (Bargaining 3) 4/6
Perception 1 6
Unarmed Combat 1 5

Data Havens 3 (North America 5) 8/10
The Matrix 3 8
Matrix Security Design 3 8
Area Knowledge (Seattle) 2 7
MegaCorp: Mitsuhama Computer Technology 2 (Corporate Security 4) 7/9
English N
Japanese 2 7
Popular Culture 2 7
Drones 1 6

Positive Qualities
Codeslinger - Hack on the Fly 10
Otaku to Technomancer 10
Trust Fund 5

Negative Qualities
Addiction (mild): Matrix Access
Day Job (10 hrs/week - Bethany Cotter, Matrix Site Admin)
SINner (UCAS National - Bethany Cotter)
Poor Self Control (Vindictive)
In Debt (5000ny)
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(Pools do not take Hot Sim/Running Silent modifiers into account)

Matrix Perception: 15
Avoid Detection: 10

Hack on the Fly: 12

Matrix Defense (FIRE+INT): 11
Matrix Full Defense: 17
Resist Matrix Damage: 12

Complex Forms and Sprites
Threading: 14 (Software 6 + Resonance 6 + Threading specialty 2)
Fade Resist: 14 (Will 6 + Resonance 6 + Quality 2)

Cleaner - Reduce OS on targeted persona,
Editor - As Edit File but can affect encrypted/protected files,
Puppeteer - Cause targeted device or persona to perform designated Matrix action at next opportunity, instant, L+1 Fade
Resonance Spike - Cause 1 Matrix damage to targeted device/persona per net hit, instant, L-3 Fade
Resonance Veil - Cause targeted device or persona to perceive a false object, phenomena or action in the Matrix, sustained, L-1

Registered Sprites
Crack Horror (Crack Sprite) R6, 2 services
FUTBOL (Fault Sprite) R6, 1 service
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Current Funds

Bethany Cotter, Real SIN, UCAS Matrix Site Admin/moderator - Medium Lifestyle (trust fund beneficiary)
- Transys Arthur commlink (Rating 1)
-- Encrypt program

Rachel Eisley, False SIN R4, Security Consultant; R4 False Firearms License, R4 False Restricted Armor License
- Renraku Aguchi commlink (Rating 1)

Linda Hamilton, False SIN R1 (burner SIN), Florist
- MetaLink commlink (Rating 1)

Savalette Guardian (heavy pistol) Pool 12/14 (SA) or 10/12 (BF) Acc 7 Damage 8P AP -1 Mode SA/BF (complex action to BF) RC 3/4 Ammo 12/clip
- Internal Smartgun, Silencer, Folding Stock, Concealable Holster

Shock Gloves (unarmed) Pool 5 Acc 4 Damage 8S(e) AP -5

Armored Clothing AR 6
- Electrochromatic

Chameleon Suit AR 9 (11 w/helmet)
- Chem Protection 3, Nonconductive 3, Thermal Dampening 3

Ammo (Heavy Pistol)
- APDS 30
- Regular 30
- Stick and Shock 30
Spare magazines x5
Certified Credstick (Gold)
Gas Mask
Gecko Tape Gloves
Subvocal Mic
Electronic Paper x1
Contact Lenses R3
- Flare Compensation, Low Light Vision
Glasses R4
- Smartlink, Vision Magnification, Vision Enhancement 2
Stealth Tags x10
Sensor Tags x10
Slap Patch: Stim R6
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Elmore, Male elf Fixer
Connection 2 Loyalty 3

Lucy Skye, Female human Street Doc
Connection 2, Loyalty 2
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Skinny, human metatype young woman with short, unkempt brown hair and brown eyes, who alternates between bouts of ironic mania and quiet intensity.

Death Otter is a delinquint, half(?) crazy hacker chica who's emerged into the shadows after a long time misbehaving in secret behind the scenes. Volatile and irreverent, she seems driven largely by the whims of the moment and her own gut reactions.

Once You Get to Know Her

Bethany Cotter came from the kind of life most folks in Seattle dream about. Oh, not the high life in a penthouse condo, but a solid spot in the near-mythical 'middle class.' Despite this stability, or maybe because of it, Beth was a teenage hellion who used her powers over the Matrix to act out and define herself. Her parents were both scientists, researchers that worked for the UCAS government. They had 'emigrated' from MCT when Beth was very young, changing their names in the process to avoid retribution. But retribution couldn't be denied forever.

One day they just...vanished between leaving work and getting home. Though Beth was left alone, she became beneficiary of a family trust that kept a roof over her head. That wasn't enough though. She wanted answers. Bethany ransacked their files in the Matrix, finding nothing out of place. However, not long after the investigation into their disappearance was closed, an optical disk arrived addressed to her. On it was data that detailed who her parents had been and why they'd fled their old employer...and why UCAS had given them asylum. It also revealed who Beth's real parent was, though gave agonizing few details. Far from satisfying her, these small discoveries only made her need real answers even more. So she set out to get some.

So Death Otter was born. Beth had been toying with various computer misbehavior for quite some time by then under that moniker; now she just put her talents to more purposeful use. Delving into the shadows under an assumed name and funding herself with a loan from some very questionable sorts, there's a good chance Beth is in way over her head here...but it's the only way she has any chance of finding out what happened to her parents, and finding out what and who she really is.

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For personal remindering

Situational awareness check. This is my list for a given scene:
• Security: Who has the contract here? How long have they had it? Response time? Local/corp laws for firearms, assault, arson, etc? (UCAS default)
 • Gangs: Is there a gang presence? What territory do they claim? What illegal activities are they into?
 • Organized Crime: Who operates here? What operations are they running?
 • Politico: Is there a presence? Do they have interests here?
 • Academics: do they have an interest? What do they know about it? Engineering, Geology, Parazoology, etc?
 • Local government: What are they doing here? How much effort and money is going here?
 • Major construction? What is it, who is the contractor and who is the owner? Plans available?
 • Tamanous: operating here? Closest assets?
 • Environment: Noise levels? Matrix perception? Background count? Resonance feel? Population? Demographics? Traffic? Nearest highway? Air corridor? LZ?
 • Threat level?
 • Hazards: Pollution? Radiation? Awakened paracritters? Ghouls? Spirits and/or toxic and/or insect spirits? Blood magic? Other?
 • Resources: closest fixer, fence, safehouse, backup? Short notice? Hot loot?

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