Ben "Grievus" Miller, Giant Street Samurai -WIP

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Ben "Grievus" Miller, Giant Street Samurai -WIP

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Ben "Grievus" Miller
Giant Street Samurai
Ht: 11’
Wt: 600 lbs
Description: Massive mound of muscle and thick gray almost bark like skin. His face has been cosmetically changed so that his knows and tusks look almost Orkish rather than Giant or Troll.

METATYPE:Troll (Giant)

  • Body 7(10)
  • Agility 5(6)
  • Reaction 4(5)
  • Strength 9(10)
  • Willpower 3
  • Logic 2
  • Intuition 3
  • Charisma 3
  • Essence 1.1
  • Edge 6
  • Base Armor 2
Condition Monitor (Physical): 12/12
-Natural Recovery: 13 (1 day), heal 1 box/hit Physical Damage
Condition Monitor (Stun): 12/12
-Natural Recovery: 20 (1 hour), heal 1 box/hit Stun Damage

Limits: Physical 12, Mental 7, Social 4
Physical Initiative: 8+2D6
Matrix Initiative: 8+2D6 (AR)
Rigging Initiative: 8+2D6 (AR)

Armor: Body 21, Head 20, Arms 21, Legs 8
Resistance: Radiation 13, Judge Intentions 6
Resistance to Damage Type: STUN/PHYSICAL
Damage: 31/31
Fire: 35/35
Cold: 31/31
Electricity: 35/35
Acid: 31/31
Falling: 31/31
Fatigue: 13
Sonic: 3
Resistance to Toxin and Pathogens:
Toxin: Immune/13/Immune/13
Pathogen: Immune/13/Immune/13
Resistance to Spells:
Mana Direct - 4
Physical Direct - 11
Defense Indirect - 8
Detection Spells - 0
Health Spells
Decrease Attribute BODY - 14
Decrease Attribute AGILITY - 10
Decrease Attribute REACTION - 9
Decrease Attribute STRENGTH - 14
Decrease Attribute CHARISMA - 7
Decrease Attribute INTUITION - 7
Decrease Attribute LOGIC - 6
Decrease Attribute WILLPOWER - 7
Illusion Spells:
Mana - 6
Physical - 6
Manipulation Spells:
Mana - 6
Physical - 14
Resistance to Addiction: Not Yet Addicted/Addicted
Physiological - 13/13
Psychological - 5/5

Pistols AGI 4/10
Unarmed Combat AGI 4/10
Computer LOG 3/5
Perception INT 3/6
Blades AGI (Swords +2) 2/8
Longarms AGI (Shotguns +2) 2/8
Con CHA (+2) 1/6
Etiquette CHA (+2)1/6
Impersonation CHA (+2) 1/6
Leadership CHA (+2) 1/6
Negotiation CHA (+2) 1/6
Performance CHA (+2) 1/6
Pilot Ground Craft REA (Bike +2) 1/6
Skill Group Acting 1
Skill Group Influence 1

English INT Native
Popular Music LOG 2/4
Area Knowledge: Seattle INT 1/4
Awakened Hangouts INT 1/4
Bars and Clubs LOG 1/3
Entertainment LOG (Music +2) 1/3
German INT 1/4
Or'zet INT 1/4
Sprawl Life INT 1/4

Agile Defender, Code of Honor: Warrior's Code, Dermal Alteration (Bark Skin), Fame: National, Magic Resistance 1, Thermographic Vision, Tough and Targeted, Tough as Nails (Stun), Will to Live

(Alpha)Audio Analyzer
(Used)Bone Lacing Titanium
(Standard)CommLink -
Commlink Functionality with Camera, Micro, Chip Player, Credstick Reader, Earbuds 1, GPS Guidance System, Micro Trid-Projector, Music Player, RFID Tag Scanner, Shock- and Water-Resistant Case, Touchscreen Display;

(Alpha)Increased Hearing Spectrum
(Alpha)Muscle Replacement, 1
(Alpha)Vision Magnification
(Standard)Wired Reflexes 1
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Re: Ben "Grievus" Miller, Giant Street Samurai -WIP

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Armor Clothing 6 SR5 437

Armor Jacket 12 SR5 437
—Fire Resistance 4; Nonconductivity 4;

Helmet +4 SR5 438
—Chemical Seal; Gel Packs;

Cavalier Falchion
Pool: 12|Accuracy 4(7)|Dam:12P|AP -1|Mode: SS|RC:6|Ammo: 8(m)
GH3 22
—Shotgun Range: 0-10 | 11-40 | 41-80 | 81-150
—Shotgun Range (Flechette) 0-15 | 16-30 | 31-45 | 46-60
Advanced Safety System, Basic; Foregrip; Melee Hardening; Sling; Smartgun System, Internal; Trigger Removal;

Cavalier Thunderstruck
Pool:12|Accuracy:5(7)|Dam:8P|AP -1|Mode:BF|RC:10|Ammo: 12(c)
SL 30
Heavy Pistols Range: 0-5 | 6-20 | 21-40 | 41-60
Gas-Vent 2 System; Silencer/Suppressor; Smartgun System, Internal;

SL 21

Unarmed Attack
Pool:10|Accuracy:12|Dam:13P|AP:- 1
SR5 132

Ammo: APDS (Heavy Pistols)- 24 SR5 434
Ammo: Flechette Rounds (Shotguns)- 80 SR5 434
Ammo: Regular Ammo (Heavy Pistols)- 60 SR5 434
Ammo: Regular Ammo (Shotguns)- 80 SR5 434
Backpack (Good) - 1 RF 254
Certified Credstick, Platinum- 1 SR5 442
Spare Clip (Cavalier Thunderstruck)- 6 SR5 433
Synthstrument (Nice) "Drum Set"- 1 CF 81
Clothing ("5 Pairs of Thriftshop Jeans") SR5 437
Clothing ("10 Band T-Shirts") SR5 437

Harley-Davidson Scorpion (Chopper)
CM:16|Seats:1|Device:1 SR5 462
Metahuman Adjustment Rating 1, Sensor Array Rating 2

City Living Street: 2,583.33¥ 1 Month SR5 369
Cramped; Datahost Subscription; DocWagon Contract, Gold; Extra Secure; Obscure/Difficult to Find; Vocal Tension Lie Detection; Grid
Subscription (Public Grid);
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Re: Ben "Grievus" Miller, Giant Street Samurai -WIP

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Backstory WIP
2056: Benedikt Müller was born to Franz Müller (Romanian Troll) and Helga Müller, a Swedish Giant, in Freiburg in the Troll Kingdom. The Müellers emigrated from Switzerland 7 years earlier. Benedikt was born a Giant like his mother. They came to the Kingdom to seek better opportunities among the their fellow Ingentis. Early on, in their new residence, their training in banking and accounting allowed them to quickly elevate their status. Eventually Franz became a financial adviser to King Berthold shortly before his disappearance in 2051. During the time between Berthold’s disappearance and his declaration of Death in 2061, Franz was a member of the provisional government. He hoped for Berthold’s return and crossed with Hasslach several times on issues.

2061: When Berthold was declared dead and Hasslach became Chancelor, Franz saw the writing on the wall and chose to leave the Republic for Seattle in North America. Maybe there they could find opportunity and help secure a place for their kind similar to the Republic. Franz accepted a position with Ares Banking Giant, Bank of America. They were looking to expand banking services into the Orc and Troll communities and needed someone they could relate to to offer these services. Their position allowed them to be a member of the small community of Trolls to reside downtown. For the sake of fitting into the culture Franz changed their name to Miller. Benedikt became Ben, Franz became Frank and Helga became Helen. They built a life and made sure Ben had a good education.

2065: Bank of America ended their outreach program and Miller was let go. The moved into the puyallup barrens. Their life was harder but they were doing better than most. Ben’s education was interrupted but his parents did their best to school him at home. He gravitated towards music. He loved every bit he could get his hands on. He got some jobs doing labor around the barrens. He eventually earned enough credits to get him a set of drums. Over the next 4 years he would learn to play the drums for every song he ever loved and in doing so taught himself to be a formidable drummer.

2066: Frank and Hellen Miller have a daughter, Grace Miller, who was born Homo Sapien. They raise her until the age of two and after much deliberation on the difficulties she would have in the Barrens among Metas aging at the rate sapiens age, they make the insanely hard decision to find a Sapien family to adopt her. A former Bank of America coworker and friend of Frank’s were looking to adopt and agreed to take her. The Nguyen’s adopt her and give her a full life downtown. The Miller’s haven’t seen her since, out of fear that she would be scared of them. The Nguyens, send pictures regularly of her progress. At the time of the game 2075 she is 9 years old.

2069: Ben decided to pursue a career as a drummer. He answered ad after ad. But never could find a band that was interested primarily because he was ingentis. One day he answered an ad that took him to Bar Nelleus where a band was looking for a Troll drummer. When he got there he found quite eclectic mix of bandmates. The lead singer was an Elf who called himself Oberon. The guitarist was an Orc named Broomhilde and it was love at first sight for Ben. He was still very shy and could barely speak. This was quite obvious to the bassist a Dwarf who went by Rune Boy. He immediately began making jokes about him obviously being smitten with Broomhilde. The last member was the keyboardist and song writer who went by the name Misanthrope. The band was called Uprising. Ben had never heard their music. The audition was just a jam session where they played riffs and let him freestyle and they were impressed with his ability to meld into their sound. They offered him the spot in spite of the fact he wasn’t your standard Troll and he took it.

Keyboardist/Songwriter: Misanthrope - Doug Hoffstedder - A Trust Fund Sapien Kid who has a heart of gold. He can't stand the way Corps use people as fodder in their never ending cold sometimes hot wars. He believes that they sow discord between Meta's and Humans because if they ever united they could destroy the world their greed and excess has created and build a better world worth living in. He writes songs to this effect. He also writes power ballads describing a world that could be. These songs inspire the poor and downtrodden and garner a big following in Seattle and eventually North America after a tour for their first album for a record label in 2072.

Lead Singer: Oberon - Fagan Phillips - An Elf born and raised in Seattle with an almost supernatural voice in range and quality. He was Doug's romantic partner. He helped him form the band. Doug wrote every song to accommodate his vocals. It was a labor of love for the two of them to make a world where humans and metas lived in harmony. He is the one that insisted they get representatives from each Meta Group for the band.

Guitarist: Broomhilde - Val Dimas - A captivating Ork female from the Ork underground. She joined the band originally as a paycheck. But like Ben as time moved on started really believing in the message. Spending time with Ben they developed a fondness for one another that developed into a romantic relationship. They planned on getting married after the band's first tour.

Bassist: Rune Boy - Silas Warren - The bad boy of the band. An alcoholic, drug and sex addict, who embraced the fame of Uprising to get as many groupies bedded as possible. Always quick with an insult or a joke, but always in fun. The band liked him and didn't think much of his haranguing. He was a professional though and always took part in his debauchery after work was done. Silas became Ben's best friend and they always kept the others safe. There were many a time where Silas would punch a guy for talking to Val because "You don't talk to my mate's girl, chummer."

Drums: Grievus - Ben Miller

2071: After 2 years of playing Seattle Clubs they garnered quite the following. They signed a record deal with Mega Media and recorded their first album. 'Corps to Corpses'. It was a hit. A tour was scheduled almost immediately. Before the tour the suits convinced Ben to get cosmetic surgery.
He would still look like a Meta, but Ork faces tested better with audiences and they could slight modify his natural features to more resemble an Ork. Val didn't ask him to do it but he agreed in part to look more like her people. When he awoke after surgery he awoke to the news they sold out multiple venues in all the major cities. For part of 2071 through 2072, they lived the lives of Rockstars on tour. In every city their music hit a chord and in many of cities the rates at which groups began attacking MegaCorp interests increased. Misanthrope felt they were laying seeds to revolution, unfortunately for Uprising he wasn't the only one that thought that. In January of 2073 they played their Tours last date in their home Seattle at the Psychedelic Pirate.

2073: The night of January 3rd, 2073 would change Ben's life forever. The band was playing the Album's Title Song, Corps to Corpses, when the show was interrupted, by gun fire. After gunning down Bar Security a group of Runners burst the door as people scattered. Patrons trampled each other to exit the building. One of the Runners, an obvious Troll, was carrying a large chain gun and unloaded onto the stage. Bullets ripped through members of uprising. Killing everyone almost instantly. As he fell to the ground Ben looked to Val the love of his life and watched her shredded body let go of life and saw her eyes become empty. Then to each of his comrades, their bodies shredded and lifeless. Unbeknownst to the Runners Ben was still alive. His supernaturally hardened skin although also penetrated managed to provide protection where it counted. They exited the building after jacking into the clubs system and stealing their take for the night. Ben blacked out for what ended up being a couple of minutes. He regained consciousness and strained to stand. He didn't know the Police were outside the Club assessing the situation before entering. He saw two young girls one human and one elf crumpled on the ground. They were breathing after being knocked unconscious and trampled. He grabbed them with his remaining Strength and began carrying them out of the club. As he exited the club the cops held guns on him and told him to get on the ground. Realizing he got the girls to where they could get help, he laid them down gently and collapsed. He lost a lot of blood.
For 6 weeks he was in a coma. His mother and father at his side. The police said it was a robbery. When he asked why they didn't just take the money and leave instead of mowing down his friends, the detective said it is best not to ask questions. Ben knew what happened they ruffled the wrong feathers and someone put out a hit. He was devastated the life he had built was gone, the woman he wanted to continue building a life with was gone. He sunk into a depression and over the next 6 months he focused on recovering through Physical Therapy. His depression transitioned from overwhelming sadness into rage that was difficult to control. He would punch walls, throw furniture. It became frustrating for his parents.
Eventually he transitioned that rage into a desire for revenge. About a month into recovery, he received word that Misanthrope left the band, and by default him, his townhome downtown. A modern styled 3 story home had a garage in the bottom, Living areas on the second floor and bedrooms on the third. He had visited it when they were a band and it was nice but the ceilings were low for him. But he was becoming a pain to his parents and he needed to get away from people, so he repurposed the Garage which had 15 ft ceiling as his living area, He got him a simple bed and wardrobe, a fridge and a hot plate. A troll sized table and chairs and a desk for his computer. He tried to see if he could track down the runners that did the job and who they were working for. He found that the runner community is close knit and tight lipped. He realized the only chance he had to gather the information he needed, would involve him being in the community. He had amassed some money on the tour he was saving for the wedding. He decided he would repurpose it. He got some wired reflexes, Titanium Bone Lacing, muscle replacements, a SmartLink and some eye shields installed. He bought a giant Nodaicho, a shotgun and pistol. He got an Armored jacket and a helmet. He then forked over large sums to trainers to train him on how to use these weapons. After a year he demonstrated great proficiency. He then decided to implement his plan.

2075: Ben exits the shower and begins toweling off. Ok shower is a bit of an overstatement. It was a spot in the middle of the garage that had a drain. He would basically use a hose with a sprayer.

The house that Doug left him was nice. Two luxurious stories. Comfortable furniture and great tech. The down side it was made people no more than 7 feet tall. Ben was over 11 ft. Sure the living room had 12ft ceilings but all the other rooms were 10’. Doug left it to the band, he had no idea that Ben would be the only member left. It was insanely generous and Ben was so thankful.

Since the shooting he had been hard to be around, his family had been through so much, they didn’t need to see him struggle with depression, to come home beaten and bloodied from training. They didn’t need more to worry about, so Doug gave him the means to keep his distance. He would go home every Sunday for Dinner to catch up with his parents. Mom’s Schnitzel was insanely good and the only home cooked meal he had during the week. He was living a minimalist life.

Doug loved his cars. He would build them from the ground up. He had all the equipment needed for that which demanded the ceilings be 15 feet. When he died his family didn’t even oppose the house going to Ben. Ben made sure they got all the things important to him. His vehicles went to his family and his nephew got his tools so he could carry on his uncle’s hobbies. Because he loved cars the garage was finished to a industrial clean and simplistic look. It had a bathroom.

When Ben moved in he had to pull everything out and switch out the toilet for one made for someone his size which basically made what was the entire bathroom no a water closet. The Garage’s 15’ ceiling was perfect for Ben. He had a plumber move a large sink outside the water closet. He also had an outdoor spigot run into the garage, where he connected a hose and a sprayer. He would stand over the drain in the floor and spray himself soap up and then rinse. fast, effective and no cleaning required. His bed , couch and tv were in the place where vehicles were once stored. The furniture was sized for him. There was fridge, microwave and a hot plate for cooking, or more accurately heat things up. It wasn’t a chic living area but it did the trick for him.

He toweled off and but on his armored closthes and put on his boots. He sat on the couch watched some stupid infomercial. About 30 minutes later his phone com link lit up . He accepts the call.
It is Erika Hoffner. The Johnson he was told would find him, from the contacts Ben made when he put feelers out for work. The connection activated and Ben states in his gruff voice “Hello?” “This Grievus?” asked a voice on the other end. “Yup,responds Ben. The voice continues, “I have a team needing reinforcements, was told you were good and available.” “Send me the deets. Consider them reinforced”, stated Ben. The voice then stated “Sent”, followed by a disconnect tone. Ben quickly scans the info for a location. Ah, looks like they are sending another runner as well..

He grabs his stuff from next to the couch. He holsters his Thunderstruck in his leg holster. Thrown on this Armored jacket emblazoned with Uprising Logo on the back. He put on his backpack with extra ammoclips in buttoned pockets around the bottom. The straps that come over his shoulders have various shotgun rounds on them. He grabs his Nodaicho and slings the scabbard over his torso. He then grabs his Falchion and throws it across the other shoulder crossing it with the Nodaicho. He walks over to his Scorpion. He mounts it hits the garage door control to open it and walks the Scorpion out closing the door. He revs it , then takes off heading to the point given in the dossier.
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Re: Ben "Grievus" Miller, Giant Street Samurai -WIP

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A: Metatype: Troll (Giant) 5
B: Attributes: 20 points
C: Resources: 140,000 Yen
D: Skills: 22 points
E: Magic or Resonance: Mundane

B5/10 +2
A: 1/5 +4
R: 1/6 +3
S: 5/10 +4
W: 1/6 +2
L: 1/5 +1
I: 1/6 +3
C: 1/5 +1

Edge: 6/6
Essence: 6
Initiative: 8

Karma at Start: 23
Karma from Negative Qualities: 25

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Re: Ben "Grievus" Miller, Giant Street Samurai -WIP

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• Security: Who has the contract here? How long have they had it? Response time? Local/corp laws for firearms, assault, arson, etc? (UCAS default)
 • Gangs: Is there a gang presence? What territory do they claim? What illegal activities are they into?
 • Organized Crime: Who operates here? What operations are they running?
 • Politico: Is there a presence? Do they have interests here?
 • Academics: do they have an interest? What do they know about it? Engineering, Geology, Parazoology, etc?
 • Local government: What are they doing here? How much effort and money is going here?
 • Major construction? What is it, who is the contractor and who is the owner? Plans available?
 • Tamanous: operating here? Closest assets?
 • Environment: Noise levels? Matrix perception? Background count? Resonance feel? Population? Demographics? Traffic? Nearest highway? Air corridor? LZ?
 • Threat level?
 • Hazards: Pollution? Radiation? Awakened paracritters? Ghouls? Spirits and/or toxic and/or insect spirits? Blood magic? Other?
 • Resources: closest fixer, fence, safehouse, backup? Short notice? Hot loot?

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