First GM Poll EVER!

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GM Rating: Drek, Mundane or Wiz??

Poll ended at Sun Jul 25, 2021 5:13 pm

1. Drek: You suck, go home, leave us alone
No votes
2. Mundane: Eh, we'll keep ya' around
No votes
3. Wiz: Wow! Gee! Golly! Neato!
Total votes: 6

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First GM Poll EVER!

Post by Muppet Man »

Hey guys,

Please let me know how I am doing as your GM.

Drek= +0 EP (Please, please consider passing the reigns. We have characters we would like to keep.)
Mundane= +1 EP (We had fun and were entertained. Keep on going.)
Wiz= +2 EP (We had a blast, some cool stuff happened we will remember.)

Your vote will form one part of my EP award, if any. The other two parts will be based on the group size and my own post rate. Hopefully, I haven't kept you waiting too much this quarter.

Some day, the EP will matter, but it doesn't right now.

In case it factors into your thinking, the GM Post Rate so far is 77/192 days, this is just for gm posts in a game topic.

please provide any written feedback as a reply to this post
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Re: First GM Poll EVER!

Post by Wraith »

You get bonus points from me for being the first SR campaign in a long time that has actually lasted!
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Re: First GM Poll EVER!

Post by Corrigon »

Kept us going despite our inconsistent posting. Enjoying so far.

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Re: First GM Poll EVER!

Post by Bushwack »

-A good sense of humor;
-Excellent pacing (unsexiest but most important PBP GM skill bar none);
-Doesnt let players do weird shennigans (or players havent tried hard enough) but doesnt let shadowrun sometimes weird rules get in the way of the story to be told;
-Tries to actively engage players that post less frequently.
-Seems to know everything about GM'ing I was afraid to ask
-A gentleman and a scolar.

4.5/5 stars to the stuffershack score-o-meter. My favorite shack in town. Very clean (as stuffershacks go). Multiple flavor faucets. Modestly priced. Troll sized portions. Would recommend and would eat here again.

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Neg: In dept (2), no man left behind, incompetent firearms, poor self control (thrillseeker), combat junkie

Etiquette 6
Gymmastics 14
Perception 11 (14 visual: tetrachromatic vision bioware), (thermographic vision: Troll), (combat sense adept power:always get perception roll to not be surprised)
Pilot ground craft 10
sneaking 11 (13 urban)

English (N)
Russian: 8

Know skills
Seattle gangs: 9
Seattle Criminal Organisations: 8
Seattlle Ork Underground: 9

combat offensive
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unarmed 9 dice -7S
Spur 16 dice ACC 9 +1 reach 16 DAM choose S/P with sweep) AP -2 (19 if weapon focus is activated as a simple action), (wireless activation of spur is a free action
Throwing shuriken 16 dice 9 ACC - 14 AP -1
Throwing shuriken with called shot pin 12 dice. same but pins target if armor penetrated

Combat Defensive
Ranged / Melee Defense 14 (Rea 8 + Int 5 + Combat Sense 1)
Full Defense 14 +11 (gymnastics 6, natural athlete 2, skeletal pneumasticisty 2, reflex recorder 1)=25

"Heavy" Damage Resitance: body 5, Troll Dermal 1, Bear Mentor Spirit 2, cyberarm armor 3, Big Game Hunter Coat + gel packs 16, bike racing helmet 2, PPP legs 1, PPP Arms 1, Skeletal pneumasticity -1= 30
"Uptown swag": body 5, Troll Dermal 1, Bear Mentor Spirit 2, cyberarm armor 3 Vashion Steampunk 10 synergist longocat 3 Skeletal pneumasticity -1= 23
"Blend" Damage Resitance: body 5, Troll Dermal 1, Bear Mentor Spirit 2, cyberarm armor 3, Armor jacket 12, bike racing helmet 2, Skeletal pneumasticity -1= 24

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Re: First GM Poll EVER!

Post by MacFear »

I have no complaints, and you've gone out of your way to help me get my character started and posting. Thank you for your time and hard work.
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Surprise: 6; Composure: 9; Judge Intentions: 8; Memory: 7

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