SECOND GM POLL EVER!!! Same as the first...

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Hot or not

Poll ended at Wed Mar 02, 2022 8:28 pmPlease note that results are sorted by decreasing number of votes received.

3 - hot
2 - not not hot
1 - not
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Total votes: 5

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SECOND GM POLL EVER!!! Same as the first...

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Hey guys,

Please let me know how I am doing as your GM.

Not = (Please, please consider passing the reigns. We have characters we would like to keep.)
Not Not Hot = (We had fun and were entertained. Keep on going.)
Hot = (We had a blast, some cool stuff happened we will remember.)

Your vote will form one part of my EP award, if any. The other two parts will be based on the group size and my own post rate. Hopefully, I haven't kept you waiting too much this quarter.

Some day, the EP will matter, but it doesn't right now. It just helps me know how I'm doing.

In case it factors into your thinking, the GM Post Rate is roughly 1 post/week. (.27 per day according to the math thing, but part of those are not GM in game posts.)

please provide any written feedback as a reply to this post
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Re: SECOND GM POLL EVER!!! Same as the first...

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I like the formatting that puts relevant details in bullet points. Your last post detailing what we know was excellent for situational awareness. As the encounter progressed, I noticed the cut and paste situation details were not changed to reflect the current events. That would help and using your post to clarify what is going on, especially in specific response to desired actions we are posting also is helpful. I saw that there were several times where one or several of us lost track of who or what went where and thought of that formatting correction as a way to ensure all following posts are aware of your crafting of details. The now infamous Magic Stairwell of Doom being a notable example.

All told, I felt a real sense of what things looked like, smelled like, even that nasty cold Seattle weather! And I want to encourage you to keep describing things as you are with enough detail to permit your readers to fill in the rest.

Keep it up with your "way too much" method. I love it!
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