Bar Nelleus

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Bar Nelleus

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Old bar in a bad neighborhood. Interior is shabby but not filthy or overtly dirty. Health Department gives it an OK rating. Stained concrete floors with the scars from years of abuse. Lighting level is moderate, the corners are dark, and everything else is only dim. Heavy looking bar with underlit acrylic top, that's on the fritz so it blinks on and off randomly. Semi-functional kitchen with limited soy and paste menu. Five or six beers on tap, small selection of bottled beverages. Offers troll size portions and utensils. Troll sized port-a-pooper in the alley.

Shady stuff happens at Bar Neleus, but Bar Neleus is not a shady place.

OOC Comments
Local Knowledge: Seattle: 2+ knows:
Bar Neleus is at the intersection of several gang territories. It is somewhat of a neutral zone, but fights break out between gangs weekly, shootings once or twice a month. General brawling isn't that common here. It is normal to see orks, trolls, and humans all in at the same time. Dwarves and elves are less common, but not unusual. The bar is owned by a troll with several gang ties.
No one: “I feel like I’ve been here before...”

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