Stuffer Shack: Dockside

A list of places throughout the Shadowrun World for use by players and game masters.
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Stuffer Shack: Dockside

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Standard 24/7 mini-mart known for wide variety of prepackaged food and an equally vast array of beverages. Prices are normal. Store is well lit, bright lights make sure there are no dark corners. Surveillance cameras throughout. It is moderately well maintained, the focus on the food service and checkout equipment. It is staffed (at least one person is visible at all times).

The Stuffer Shack building is a standalone single-story structure. This store has three video cameras inside the store, denoted as little circles on the map. The pair behind the checkout counter (Area A) focus on the front door and the registers. The third camera is in the back corner and monitors across the aisles with the coolers (Areas J and K).


Aisle 1/2: Candy, gum, and sweet snacks. Anything that can catch one’s eye and make them go for the quick impulse buy when they enter.

Aisle 3/4: Small hardware, household goods, paints and sprays, along with first aid supplies, patent medicines, personal hygiene products, and so forth.

Aisle 5/6: Baked goodies, such as cakes, doughnuts, Sweeteez, and Krak-L-Snaps. Breakfast foods, such as AlmostEgg, BacoSoy, and ready-to-eat cereals.

Aisle 7/8: Soykafs, teas, Koko chocolate substitute, and powdered beverage mixes.

Aisle 9/10: Soypasta, sauces, ramen noodles, soups, stews, NukemUps (ready-to-heat meals), and various other general foods like breads and condiments.

Aisle 11/12: Air filters, water purifiers, and other environmental and antipollution products for the home, automotive and bike supplies.

Aisle 13/14: Soaps, detergents, bug sprays, roach condos, rattraps, devil rat traps, pet foods, and pet supplies.

Aisle 15/16: Cases of drinks. Everything in this aisle can be found in the coolers as well—at a quadruple markup!

Aisle 17/18: Chips and salty snacks to induce a desire for all the beverages inside the cooler on the other side of the aisle!

Area A: The checkout counter. There’s a barcode scanner (DR 3), cash register terminal (DR 6), credstick receptor, a PanicButton™, a shotgun, and various counter displays filled with impulse buys. Behind the counter are nicsticks and synthahol, both in a wide array of brands (all subsidiaries of Aztechnology).

Area B: Four old-school arcade games (Jungle Hunter, a shooter; River Race, a water racing game; Yucatan Dash, a racing game; Jaguar Guard, a fighting game) flank the walkway towards an all-in-one simsense arcade machine located at the back. The video games are 1 nuyen per play (Agility + Edge (4) to get a replay); the simsense arcade is 1 nuyen per minute of play.

Area C: Manager’s office. A desk, comm terminal (DR 4), and three chairs fill the space. The comm terminal functions as the recording system for the security cameras.

Area D: The dispenser bars for liquid products such as Shmoozies, Shakeups, soykaf, and so on are located here.

Area E: The Cook-It-Your-Self microwave, the rotating pizza display machine, and the Synthmeat “Hot Dog” dispenser are located here. A table at the center of this section offers plates, cups, napkins, and plastic sporks.

Area F: A soft-serve ice cream machine with fourteen flavors fills this wall, but a large “out of service” sign seems to have been hanging here for a long time.

Area G: This area is a small sitting room outside the restroom and office. There are four chairs and a small table with some old paper magazines in the corner. A green plastic plant with a collection of air fresheners hanging off it sits next to the bathroom door.

Area H: The stockroom and employee break area, featuring the time clock (DR 3), lockers, and some chairs. There is a door in this room that leads to the alley behind the store.

Area J: Coolers full of chilled beverages and foods. Ready-to-eat meals, soymilk, soda, soybeer, etc.

Area K: The freezers with soy ice cream, frozen treats, and a chiller that stores the high-proof synthahol.

Area L: Promotional display featuring trid display of the Twins from pop-music oddity LiquidSkins.

OOC Comments
Total of three staff max, minimum two. Only two of the security cameras work (randomly determine). "No Trolls" sign on the tiny bathroom.

Knowledge: Aztechnology of 2+ knows:
These famed convenience stores all fall under the megacorporate umbrella of Aztechnology. This makes them extraterritorial, and that’s just hilarious. Commit a crime inside a Stuffer Stack, and you’re under the laws and regulations of Aztechnology, not the nation or city you think you’re in. Everyone gets this warning as a little ARO on their commlink, and it’s on a tiny sign by the door that no one ever reads. Most of the time citizens are turned over to their nation of origin, but rumors abound of citizens getting sent off to Tenochtitlan for trial after they tried to rob a Stuffer Shack, never to be seen or heard from again.
No one: “I feel like I’ve been here before...”

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