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Gary's Teriyaki

Posted: Mon Dec 28, 2020 7:27 pm
by Muppet Man
Gary's Teriyaki, known by regulars as "Scaryaki" is the quintessential teriyaki joint. It's tiny, it's grimy (food rating is "needs improvement"), the food is hot and fast and of indeterminable origin, it's remarkably tasty and it's phenomenally cheap. The store is narrow with a kitchen and open grill occupying the back third. There are three four-top tables and an eight person counter. The color scheme is yellow and chocolate brown. It has not aged well and looks pretty bad.

It is tasty and cheap though, so despite everything else, Scaryaki is always busy.

OOC Comments
Area Knowledge: Seattle 4+ or Black Markets 2+ knows:
Gary is a straight up criminal and the whole place is a front for money laundering and fencing stolen goods.