Army Navy Surplus

A list of places throughout the Shadowrun World for use by players and game masters.
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Army Navy Surplus

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Somehow, this creatively named store has been in the same location for more than 100 years. The Army Navy Surplus store is located in Belltown and has a huge ground floor space. It is 100% legit and law abiding, never selling anything illegal. However, it sells all things military that are legal, even if the only use for that thing is illegal. Military clothing, backpacks, harnesses, ammo magazines, e-tools, etc., they've got it. It's like the grocery store, all the basics a runner needs, but nothing exotic.

OOC Comments
Area Knowledge Seattle, Black Markets, Law Enforcement Procedures: 1+ knows:
This place is exactly what it says it is. Anyone who tries to "do business" on these grounds is rapidly eliminated (and lawfully!) Don't even think about it.
No one: “I feel like I’ve been here before...”

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