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Bushwack's Crib (WIP)

Posted: Sat Jan 23, 2021 5:29 pm
by Bushwack
Conveniently placed right in the middle between the "Green Goblin" one of the 24/7 pubs that is almost a de facto Skraacha headquarter in the Ork Underground and "Gunnar's Gun emporium" a human would find it the most dangerous 100 yard stretch of the Ork Underground. For Bushwack it could not have been safer, he didn't even bother to lock his door. Once it was known he was

A never late with payments to his landlords, the Skraacha,
B correct with everybody in the underground
C Not to be fucking trifled with

He was gold. Sure the Skraacha sent a couple of young runts to jack up the rent after the first month as he expected. He gave them a couple of broken bones and noses and paid for a beer and a visit to Doctor and told them If they wanted to renegotiate the deal they would have to send bigger and more men preferably both. They treated him like one of their own after.

He had spent most on the noise isolation. Close to 700 nuyen. It muffled most of the music coming out of the Green Goblin but still sometimes the room vibrated a bit when there was a live orksploitation act earning their stripes in the Underground's hardest bar. He knew all of the staff on a first name basis sometimes "doing the door" as a bouncer when the owner thought the usual Skraacha security would create problems rather solve it when different gangs where expected to turn up.