Georgeson's Talismonger's Shop (Renton, WIP)

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Georgeson's Talismonger's Shop (Renton, WIP)

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An independently owned and operated talismonger's shop in a middle class neighborhood in Renton. Established by George Georgeson Sr, it is now run by George Georgeson Jr. The Dwarven family has weathered decades of racism against Dwarves, and is now hopeful that with the political changes, the Human Policlub's influence in the district may be lessened.
Street Cred: 0
Notoriety: 0
Public Awareness: 0

Current Edge: 2/2

Perception: 5 (Thermographic Vision, +2 Vision and Low Light Vision if Wearing Monocle)
  • Passive Perception 1
Body: 3
Armor: 14 (16 with Helmet)
Dodge: 7
Composure: 12
Judge Intentions: 9

Browning: 10/10
Reagents: 107

Physical: 0/10
  • Overflow: 0/3
Stun: 2/12

Craig Stewart (UCAS, Real, Mage Licence)
Kurt Greuber (UCAS, Fake Rating 1)
Paul Tzikolas (UCAS, Fake Rating 4, Fake Mage Licence Rating 4)

Force 4 Potency 3 Healing Draught (Contact)
Force 4 Potency 4 Healing Draught (Contact)
Force 3 Potency 1 Draught of Improved Invisibility (Contact)
Force 3 Potency 3 Draught of Improved Invisibility (Contact)
Force 4 Potency 3 Draught of Reflexes (Contact

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